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Bugz In The Attic - Back In The Doghouse...

Published by Warren Dell under on Thursday, August 31, 2006
After years of remixing other peoples tunes the 9 man group known as Bugz In The Attic finally get round to releasing their own long player, with ten years of making those funky dance numbers behind them. Back in 2004 we were laced with one of the songs of the year in Booty La La, featuring the lovely talents of Mpho Skeef, so we knew they had it in them to make their own songs.

This album may be deep in numbers at 18 tracks long, but with 9 people all fighting over the boards it was hardly going to be a short affair. Each of the guys may have their own different styles but rather than seeing a load of different tracks that give it a compilation feel, the various styles have been thrown in a blender to create the cohesion of a well rounded, funked out album.

As a bonus Booty La La is included but this wouldn't make the cut as one of the best five tracks, a testament to their creative talents. What would be the top five in my opinion are the spaced out funk of Knocks Me Off My Feet which reminds you off those perfect summer days. Don't Stop the music, I'm Gonna Letcha and Consequence are perfect floor fillers while the single Move Aside is a homage to the Rich Harrison go go beat produced 1 Thing.

Most dance producers or collectives go for years and years and never release an album, content with remix commissions and the odd single. Bugz In The Attic may not get the attention of Basement Jaxx with having only one album out so far, but Back In The Doghouse has, like those Brixton dance stars plenty of singles in vault to step away from remixers to fully fledged success.


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