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Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Being part of a rappers entourage can be a great thing, you get off the streets and are introduced to a world you would probably never see, hang out in clubs full of models who would never have dreamt of going near you, and in the case of Tony Yayo - release an album despite having no talent. All this in exchange for being able to tend to your guys needs and occasionally take the rap for things that go wrong. Known as the job of the weed carrier this role has gone to new heights with its official recognition. But although things may seem all rosy for the weed carrier, there is something out there that is threatening to put them out of a job. Not some jealous hood rat that wants their spot in the entourage but something that has become a bit of a phenomenon in the last year.

Myspace may be able to break an unsigned musician but it could pose a serious threat to credentials of the weed carrier. Now we know the majority of the rappers around don’t edit their own pages, instead it is someone else’s job to add you when someone wants to be that rappers friend. It may spoil the illusion but I just can't see Cam'ron pondering whether to add DipsetAdam as his friend when the latest catalogue carrying pink wear from Luis Vuitton is out. So does this responsibility fall to the weed carrier now? Before their job was just about polishing their employers ego and rolling the weed, now due to the demands of having an online presence, weed carriers are expected to know their Apple Macs from their Mac – 10s. As well as keeping their rolling game tight they now have to worry about a backlog of friend requests.

Maybe this is why Diddy employed Farnsworth as his weed carrier rather than Black Rob? Can Busta Rhymes really expect Spliff Star to filter out the Stans? Is Lloyd Banks responsible enough to make sure Fiddy has more friends than The Game? I can see this issue being as important as boasting about how much bling you've got as the importance of the internet and in particular myspace has on any musicians career. That Tom fella may seem all friendly being your first friend and all, but he could be responsible for putting weed killers out of a job. Soon rappers at the top of the food chain will have to start looking to recruit smart college graduates with a tendency for some Mary Jane when they look to filling the spots on their entourage.


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