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Common added to the Rise line-up

Published by Warren Dell under on Thursday, June 29, 2006
Common is the big American name to be added to the line-up for Europe's biggest anti-racism festival in Finsbury Park. Last year the Chicago emcee caused controversy for his comments regarding black men dating white woman in Touch magazine. The comments sparked a heat of debate and prompted a response track from Rising Son and Yungun, both of mixed raced families. For someone whose material is very thoughtful and as one of the best conscious artists around the comments were quite a shock in a time where mixed couples aren't as uncommon as they would have been say 15/20 years ago. How he will go down with the crowd will be interesting as will if he even brings the matter up. Either way the festival is a good look for the music fan as Sway, Killa Kela, The Wailers and Roy Ayers all provide the entertainment, along with the more indie/rock nature of Graham Coxon and the Buzzcocks. It's free and there is seperate poetry, DJ and comedy tents also. Even though the rise in the congestion charge probably meant they could afford to bring Common over it's still a big look and should be a good day out.

Video killed the radio star...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, June 28, 2006
...but I still like these videos though.

Pharrell feat. Kanye West - Number One

Kanye West - Drive Slow remix

Cheri Dennis - I Love You

David Banner - Touching

and a summer classic

Lord Of The Mics 2...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Early tapes of battles between Craig G and KRS One and early footage of the block parties in New York stand as early artefacts that document some of the keys moments of the Hip-Hop scene. While the grime scene may in theory only be three or four years old one thing that should always be shown when telling anyone about the scene is the landmark DVD Lord Of The Mics.

This DVD has inspired so many others that pop up in stores and included the infamous lyrical showcase of Wiley V Kano. From camera phones to You Tube this clash of the heavyweights has been seen by many and will be looked back upon as two heavyweights of the scene flexing their lyrical muscle.

The setting was an underground basement, it could be said as the UK equivalent to the Americans setting of their block parties. The crammed basement had emcees, members of their crews and onlookers all crammed in while the Kano, Wiley clash took place with them standing on the stairs to the basement.

Since the DVD came out everyone has been wondering if and when a second would be done. Well now the waiting is over with Hot Headz Productions releasing the sequel on the 28th July.

As usual their will be an accompanying CD but the clashes are what everyone is waiting for and this promises to be big with more of them than ever. The clashes are:

(Puts on Michael Buffer like voice)

Tinchy Stryder V Ears
Demon V Bashy
Skepta V De-Velopment
Plus plenty more as Logan Sama, Cameo and Cheeky provide the beats.

Roll on the 28th!!


Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, June 26, 2006
Mediawhore – adjective (pl. mediawhores or whores) A subject with no dignity or shame that will stop at nothing to gain the attention of the public. Can normally be seen staggering out of clubs, sleeping or arguing with other media whores and if need be toss off a pig. May have some reality TV experience.

No.2 - Victoria Beckham

The word desperate is pretty much always associated with these so-called celebs as they vie for the paparazzi to take their picture or try and resurrect their flagging careers. Check Victoria Beckham. Once the mute in the successful pop act The Spice Girls she took it upon herself to punish us with her own solo material. Although I must admit I did dance a few times to that track with Dane Bowers and The Truesteppers. Hey it was catchy alright. But when she was finally dropped she went back to doing what she did best, playing the 'loving' husband to Goldenballs but really thinking ‘cameraman take my picture’. Remember when after David gave length to the pig friend Rebecca Loos she went over the top in showing her love for him. It was like watching a dog hump a tree in a park. Cringe worthy yet kinda funny. Although all celebs moan about the intrusion by the paps deep down she hankers for another moment where she can give that pout while showing off what Davids wages brought. Her biggest crime to attract attention is the pre-World Cup parties she hosts. I know some charity gets a wedge of cash but the biggest charity case there is Victoria, as the good cause is keeping her skinny frame in the papers.

Hip-Hop Kemp...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, June 26, 2006
This is shaping up to be one hell of a festival and I for one can't wait. A few additions have been made to line-up which you can see in full below...

NON PHIXION /USA/GURU of Gang Starr / Jazzmatazz featuring Super producer Solar & DJ Doo Wop /USA/LITTLE BROTHER /USA/DJ A-TRAK (Kanye West's DJ) /CAN/ONESELF (DJ Vadim, Blu Rum 13, Yarah Bravo, DJ Woody, Bongo Pete) /UK, USA/CALI AGENTS (Rasco & Planet Asia) /USA/M.E.D. aka MEDAPHOAR /USA/SWAY + Pyrelli /UK/HOCUS POCUS /F/KLASHNEKOFF /UK/KALIBER 44 + Czarne Złoto /PL/KONTRAFAKT /SK/PSH /CZ/INDY & WICH /CZWWO /PL/CURSE /D/O.S.T.R. /PL/GHOST / VERB T / KASHMERE aka IGUANA MAN /UK/LONA & DJ TWISTER /PL/STIEBER TWINS /D/C2C (DJ's Pfel, Atom, 20Syl, Greem) /F/PYRANJA /D/SPREAD THE MESSAGE SOUNDSYSTEM ft. Rafik, Adlib, Kut-L, Ben* (D)ROOFTOP CLIQUE /A/HOERSPIELCREW /A/

Stack rocks like colorado/bottle of the champagne, cristals by the bottle...

Published by Warren Dell under on Friday, June 23, 2006
Since Jay-Z said he was boycotting Cristal and urging other rappers to do the same, there has been plenty of comments from various media outlets since the initial remark from Cristals head honcho about their association with his drink in the Economist.

Jigga's lyrics will now be Cristal free when he comes to perform at a special gig for the 10th anniversary of the Reasonable Doubt album.

After all the comments on the issue I feel that it's about time I dropped my two pence on the subject.

Who gives a f*ck if Jay-Z is banning the once favoured alcoholic beverage of choice for rappers in his establishments and is urging a rapper wide boycott.

The stuff tastes like shit, well that's what someone who can afford the stuff once told me and you can't tell me every rapper seen guzzling it down in a video generally likes the stuff. It's just a sign of wealth and something to tick off on the checklist of 'things a rapper must do when in a video' (shout to The Roots). They're not going to start swigging bottles of Budweiser like the average man going about his prey in a club.

While this will boycott will no doubt result in the profits of Cristal taking a dive in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really achieve anything.

If rappers wanted to make a difference, shouldn't they try getting people to vote or stop the amount of violence associated with them, rather than debating what the rappers choice of alcohlic brand should be. After all, don't they get that shit for free anyway?

David Cameron is a doughnut!...

Published by Warren Dell under on Friday, June 23, 2006
Well they are Lethal B's words not mine. But I agree with what he's saying about someone who could potentially be our next leader of this country. Anyway I wrote an article for with regards to David 'I have The Killers on my ipod and am down with the kids' Cameron and his uneducated comments about Radio 1 promoting gun crime. I also have a look at ways in which record labels and the media can help to give our music a better rep in the eyes of joe public. Let us know what you think...

Article Link

We toured the world, when I made you my girl/Everyone knew you was Jay's lady...

Published by Warren Dell under on Thursday, June 22, 2006
Beyonce may be hitting a rough patch with her hubby Jay-Z, who seems to be preoccupied with answering Rihanna's SOS (genius), but the two link up to reunite the spark Crazy In Love brought three years ago with Deja Vu. The single is the lead from her second album B'Day, out in september. Beyonce is definately giving it some on the vocals with quite a powerful vocal delivery for such a mid-tempo track. Deja Vu may not have the same immediate attraction as the Rich Harrison number but this Rodney Jerkins groove is definately a grower and with the inevitable push from her record label we soon won't be able to move without hearing this blasting out of some speakers or some video station this summer. Whether Jay-Z will still be around for that filiming is another matter. And I doubt Rihanna will be making a cameo in it either.

Other tracks on rotation...

Sergio Mendes feat Black Eyed Peas - Mas Que Nada - BEP seem to have a new video on tele every week. This time they team up with Sergio Medes for a remix of his old hit Mas Que Nada in time for the World Cup, which the Brazil team dance around too in one of the 378 adverts football adverts made for the competition. Anyone seen that Pringles advert with Steven Gerrad in? 'Eh Roberto, pass us the Pringles' Classic acting by a footballer.

Donell Jones - Lust or Love - Another qaulity slab of mid-tempo soul from Mr Jones who is wetting the appetide for more of the same from his album Gemini.

Lilly Allen - Smile - Not strictly an urban act but this single with it's reggae/ska groove is the feel good hit of the summer with some fantastic lyrics. Call her pop, Corinne Bailey Rae on crack or the female Mike Skinner - Lilly Allen is real and you'll find it hard to not singalong to this summer ditty.

Busta Rhymes - I Love My Chick - With all the hype that surrounds the album this hardly shows off the new Busta. A catchy hook and Will.I.AM production adds up to the formula for another radio hit for Busta, but lets hope the hype is justified once The Big Bang drops.

Ne-Yo - Sexy Love - While America gets When Your Mad, us over the pond have Sexy Love as the next single. One of the standouts from an excellent album, Ne-Yo is the total package.

Gnarls Barkly- Smiley Faces - In the end Cee-Lo and Dangermouse had to get their record label to delete the Crazy single as they like many others were annoyed of hearing it every five minutes. In the US they have only just started to pick up a decent rotation of spins for the record but it hasn't been taken with such accord like here. The next single Smiley Faces is my favourite from the album and could easily go the way as Crazy with it's catchy chorus and upbeat tempo, that has a distinct Motown feel to it.

Rihanna - Unfaithful - Wrote by Ne-Yo, this is quite a dreary depressing track, turn the sound down for the video.

Jamie Foxx - One Night Extraganza - Actor/comedian/singer Jamie Foxx continues with his take on making R Kelly music by singing about his hangover. Bloody lightweight.

India Irie - I am not my hair -
Why do people insist on having Akon on a track? This is not Video. I don't think she's trying to tell us she wears a wig.

Plan B - Mama -
This is as upbeat as you're going to get from Plan B who is talented, but I doubt I can sit through a whole album of his stuff. You won't like me when I'm angry.

Clipse - Mr Me Too - Finally it looks like we'll get our hands on a Clipse album very soon. This is in similar vein to the beat for Drop It Like It's Hot and like the Snoop track Pharrell gets his Skateboard P on. Welcome back Pusha T and Malice. Now get that album out.

I'm going to keep it gangsta/I'm going to make it hot...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, June 21, 2006
There comes a time in a girls life where they make that transition from the shy and innocent girl to a full on sex type shaking what her mama gave her. Some times and in particular to some I see out on the town this is a bad thing. But on the whole this is only a good thing for the fellow man and many examples of this blossoming can be seen right now in this here music game. Nelly Furtado may have sold 6 million records but she was never going to get an FHM or King cover singing about a bird. Now she has ditched the sweet and innocent for a Gwen Stefani makeover to get on radar. Sex sells in this music game and below are some other dollsnatch who have swapped their teen mag poses for full on come to bed eyes.

Christina Milian

Her breakout year came in 2004 when she ditched the poppy R'n'B tracks on her debut for something a little more grown & sexy. The schoolgirl look did it for When You Look At Me (and boy didn’t we) but when she skipped class to get her advanced paint game on in the Dip It Low video, you’d be forgiven for finding it hard to remember what the song actually sounded like. How Nick Cannon got his swerve on there we can only wonder, but I doubt it involved any of his freestyles from his Wildin Out Show. Why you’d want to cheat on her only fools know, even if she only put out once a week it’s got to be good. She now uses the word gangsta in her songs…one can only think of the possibilities…

Christina Aguilera

When Britney Spears left her teeny days behind her and the press was full of pics of her drinking, smoking and not being the best of mums around her southern roots were coming through. You can take the girl out the south and all that…Well it seems Aguilera is no different. She always came across as another typically good, eat your vitamins girl but we just knew there was something trying to get out. And it certainly did when Dirty hit, and she had clearly been taking those vitamins. It must be those South American roots, but the question remains, did Redman give her length? Cos surely that was in the bargain if he was going to feature on a track with her? Maybe Preemo can shed some light on if this sort of agreement exists?


One of the most sharpest of transformations that has to have Jay-Z sat back on his chair at his plush Cristal free Def Jam office in delight is the Barbadian beauty. I think it’s only been ten months since she looked like an underage clubber in Pon De Replay but in SOS it has to be the biggest evidence for Beyonce that Rihanna is sharing more than business lunches with Jigga. He maybe more interested in signing R’n’B acts than figuring out how to get Ghostface a platinum plaque, but he’s still got his player tendency. Think what he could do if the Olsen twins wanted to make music? Actually stop it.

An XXL worth buying...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Lord knows it's been a while since I purchased a copy of XXL, but one thing that was worth reading were their making of...specials that got together a load of people who were involved in the process of classic albums. Finally they've done one on Reasonable Doubt 10 years after its release that should now doubt swell the coffers of Elliot Wilson who has an ego as big as any of these emcees out there. Their website is worth a look with their range of columnists and articles from the magazine - some posted while the mag is still out. On second thoughts, that £3.50 could go on a pint. Does anyone remember the days of 2 drinks and change from a fiver.

Logan...Puuuullllllllllllllll Up!...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, June 19, 2006
The last two weeks of Logan Samas Kiss FM sets are now available to download from his blog. Last weeks guest was Scorcher while the week before that was the lads from Boy Better Know.

Grime is for the kids...

Published by Warren Dell under on Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thought for the day...

Published by Warren Dell under on Saturday, June 17, 2006
What if the England team were rappers?

David Beckham - Kanye West - Fancies himself a bit, always eccentric with his fashion for better or worse. Always good for a silly comment.

Rio Ferdinand - Snoop Dogg - Got to be since that cornrow free photo and is so relaxed he's probably high.

Michael Owen - Ludacris - Burst onto the world scene with an excellent debut, but has always failed to live up to expectations every two years since.

Wayne Rooney – The Game - Already a heavyweight so early in his career and could go on to be one of the greats. Been compared to those who went before him and often found in controversy either in action or extra curricular activities.

Peter Crouch – Dem Franchize Boyz – Could never be taken seriously when first breaking through but now a mainstay after a signature dance has taken the public by storm. Has critics from the purists but won’t be leaving for a while yet.

Gary Neville – Ja Rule – You either love or hate him, and more are in the latter category. Has clashed with rival players and fans.

Steven Gerrard – Guru – Been consistent from the word go and an exemplary professional.

Frank Lampard - Common - Was always overlooked when it came the applaudits but after lining up with an ego centric partner (Jose/Kanye) has started to get the commercial acclaim he deserves.

Joe Cole - Lil Wayne - Was once known as being flashy, now still likes to display the glitz and glamour but has controlled it and is now starting to progress to heavyweight status.

Ashley Cole – Nelly - Was once in the middle of a major bidding war, loves the glamour and can be found pictured with his other half who’s also in the public eye.

Paul Robinson – Lupe Fiasco – Current number 1 and already compared to some greats that held the position in the past.

John Terry – 50 Cent – Was always destined for big things but a number of off the field escapades looked liked keeping him down. Now known world wide for what he does and with his team whether you like it or not will be dominate the scene for years to come.

Catch me if you can/Cause I'm the England man/And what you're looking at is the master plan...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Don't know whether any of you caught Rio's World Cup Wind-Ups on TV but there were some cringe worthy moments. The idea behind the programme is basically the same as MTV's Punked series but it's Rio's England and Man Utd team mates who get the treatment.

Some of the pranks included:

A not very convincing copper trying to let Gary Neville off with points on his driving license in exchange for a photo.

An Oscar winning performance by Robbie Fowler who was in on setting up Peter Crouch into buying an apartment in an exotic complex shaped like a cock.

And David James getting all philisophical over some paintings in an art gallery which were done by pre-school kids - this one was actually funny when he started to sum up the paintings and some of his own.

Rio made Ashton Kutcher's whining seem funny though when after every segment he was saying straight to the camera 'Wayne Rooney, you got merked!', 'David Beckham, you got merked!' I find it cringe worthy when some random wigga in the high street says he murked someone, but Rio really took the crown with this one. While each prank was going on the camera kept going back to Rio in the control room in hysterics while unloading a barrage of gun signals and Ali G-esq hand actions.

It was bad enough and surely not thought through well enough when they tried to prank David Beckham. They were supposed to piss him off by making him late for a meeting and taking different diversions, what instead happened was after getting agitated enough he jumped out the car at the traffic lights and ran off. Whether he thought it was some suspicious kidnapping plot or not the guy could have got run over getting out that car in a panic and that's game over for his World Cup. Nice thinking there Rio, would like to have seen him explain that to Sven.

The metetarsals are doing enough to damage our World Cup chances as it is let alone Rio trying to pull off a prank that could put a player in danger.

The programme was made from Rio's production company Next Generation TV & Film and the next ground-breaking output will be an 8Mile meets X Factor reality show where Rio will be a judge alongside Wayne Rooney and Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Where to begin? Are we really going to get any serious budding emcees out there really auditioning in front of these three? I can already imagine a load of people clad in chav clothing while talking about guns and jewellery after being fed on a steady diet of 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg. I'm all for footballers looking into other aspects of work as their careers are short but just because you have a bunch of US rap played in the changing rooms before games and have plenty of money to throw around doesn't mean you're suddenly a music mogul.
Programmes like the X Factor and Pop Idol rarely produce some serious artists, with the exception of Will Young and the eye candy of Girls Aloud no one has carved out what you could call a career. I don't see any change here either with the emcees entering being more of the laugh hysterically while cringe at variety, rather than the next Ty or Klashnekoff.

Whatever happens it's going to make Hip-Hop look very silly in the eyes of the general public, it's bad enough as it is when you tell someone you listen to Hip-Hop music and they think you're all 50 Cent this and bling bling that.

These are The Shiznit...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Digging out those summer time classics. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Arrested Development etc.
Lounging in the garden with some beers and a barbecue.
The World Cup - Football on tap every day.
Donnell Jones finally gets round to releasing his next album.
Must be time for Pimms o'clock.

These aren't The Shiznit...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Looking out of an office window on a hot summers day. Can I take my work outside please?
Hearing people moan about how hot it is. The same people that moaned it was too cold in the winter.
Rio 'Merking' David Beckham
The effect of drink in the summer making people J-Kwon very quickly.
David Cameron slamming Radio 1 for 'encouraging gun violence'.

5'5" with brown eyes/smile like the sunrise...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, June 13, 2006
The beautiful Claudette Ortiz was always destined to go solo as she shined in City High and after a few years away apart from that notorious King Magazine shoot, she is back. It seems she's been locked in the studio crafting out some material as the single Can't Get Enough gives us a taster of things to come. Unfortunately Mase appears at the tracks opening which takes a little of the sparkle away but on the whole we have a tailor made track suitable for the radio, the club and the mandatory summer barbecues. Whether this is likely to be a single is unkown so hunt this essential cut down immediately. Lets hope we see another one of those King shoots as well.

She wakes up early every morning/Just to do her hair now/Cos she cares yeah...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, June 12, 2006
I don't like T.I or a lot of dirty south music for that matter but I've got to hand it to him, as the Crystal Waters sampling Why You Wanna is going to be a summer smash and could be his first hit in our singles charts. The lyrics aren't great but the irresistible sample and Q-Tip biting line (Tribe's Find A Way lyric fiends) for the chorus add up to a perfect groove for a soundtrack to what should hopefully be a long hot summer. Lord knows we've been waiting for a while after that rubbish May. Now enough of the weather report.

Mahadashi Jacket, Puma top/Box-fresh jeans and Nike cam boots/Sprayed a little Versace on me too...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, June 12, 2006
So I was strolling round Urban Outfitters the other day to pick up some Doug.E (Fresh) wears for the summer when I happened to take in the funky rhythms kicking out the stores speakers. After hearing some track you would expect to hear in an American diner mixed in with some De La Soul a purchase had to be made. When I played the Boca's Jukebox CD I was treated to a mix of Hip-Hop, Funk and Soul 45's with a bit of Happy Mondays thrown in for good measure. Next time you're in an Urban Outfitters hunt this down or hit up the internet to find this from the Bristol born DJ. Perfect accompaniment for a summers day barbecue.

I'm a nice dude with some nice dreams/See these ice cubes?, See these Ice Creams?...

Published by Warren Dell under on Sunday, June 11, 2006
Pharrell got to meet his idol the other day in Selfridges, he even called me brother. I felt like one of his homeboys. For a minute.

How I'm gona make my g's?/If you've got my album before the release/The qualities rubbish and there aint no sleeve/People please be reasonable...

Published by Warren Dell under on Sunday, June 04, 2006
Read an interesting article about how in the midst of the Internet phenom Myspace and other ways of promoting on the net, old-fashioned PR is still essential in getting an artists music to your ears.

It goes on to name the usual subjects that have benefited from using what is now an essential way to making a name such as Arctic Monkeys, Gnarls Barkley and Lily Allen.

With the threat of downloading a real thorn in the side for the smaller music scenes artists have to look into extra ways in promoting themselves and being able make a living.

With the lack of record company support to urban music acts in this country many of our acts can take a leaf out of the above-mentioned books and some are already doing so.

Selling mixtapes is a valuable outlet to give people a chance to buy an artists record and if you take a look in Uptown Records or Rhythm Division you’ll be into the tens of the amount of artists that are adorning the walls.

They and the scene as a whole is dependent on the release of mixtapes to gain a buzz and either grow independently or attract the riches of a label.

Kano may already have a record deal and an album out through 679 but earlier this year he dropped his Beats and Bars CD to successful underground acclaim. His cohorts Demon and Ghetto have also followed suit and barely a month goes by now when you hear about a new mixtape out.

Where before in the states an artist will drop verses or whole new tracks on a few mixtapes a month that are more about making or keeping a name out there, rather than staying consistent with the output – a lot of the Grime guys are treating the releases as their album.

The latest release has come from Wiley who dropped his hotly anticipated 2nd Phaze, which is so good it’s really a follow up to his Treddin On Thin Ice album. While Skepta is going round letting you know he makes albums not mixtapes.

One artist who is releasing mixtapes and going that extra yard is Akira The Don. The colourful Welshman interacts with people via his blog which is updated daily and will cover his recordings, thoughts on the issues of the day and even to what he had for lunch. Every month or so he’ll upload his own mixtapes that are as eclectic as they are random – one release found Gnarls Barkley sharing space with Chesney Hawks.

Other artists are hitting up Myspace pages rapidly and are the first place that people without access to pirate radio are going to hear new tracks. In fact anyone whose anyone in the grime scene has their own page as artists look for any little bit extra that will help them promote their cause.

It will be intriguing to see how the avenues in which artists use develop in the next few years with the term Myspace phenom being thrown about all the time and what other ways artists will use in the future.

The internet may be viewed by some with caution due to illegal downloading, but with the right know how is an essential tool in an artists plan and shouldn’t be overlooked by artists.

Gave a number to a breh who wasn't my type/Now my phones on silent, I'm being polite/Private callers get no love from me...

Published by Warren Dell under on Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Internet is home to all sorts of random pleas and currently some yank is trying to get a date with everyones favourite midget rapper Lady Sovereign after she plays in San Fransisco. Check out the link above...

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