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Rhythm and beefing...

Published by Warren Dell under on Saturday, August 05, 2006
The genre of R'n'B is something that has taken a lot of knocks in recent years and there has been plenty of criticism, some warranted and some that was unfair. But now certain artists are opening it up for more criticism with their actions.

RL of Next fame and of his not so famous solo outing has been taking a Hip-Hop stance by calling out fellow R'n'B artists and aligning himself with the predominately Hip-Hop label G-Unit. DJ Whoo Kid recently assisted new G-Unit signing Kev Samples who released a mixtape full of pop shots at artists like Ne-Yo and Ray J.

The tactics have worked in the Hip-Hop arena but when people voice their concern that singers are trying too much to live up to their Hip-Hop counterparts this seems like further degrading of the genre.

Way back when it was all the rage for Hip-Hop acts to get an R'n'B singer(s) on the chorus to attract a bigger audience. The tides then turned and we were flooded with R'n'B acts chasing guest verses from rappers that can range from taking the song to a new level to an unnessecary waste of time. Now rather than the genre taking itself back to its roots it seems that people are looking at the rappers of today as an influence, rather than the repsected singers of yesteryear like Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye and Teddy Pendergrass.


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