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Crazy Cousinz - Funky Anthem

Published by Warren Dell under on Saturday, November 22, 2008

Second single from the bongo lovers

Crazy Cousinz follow up the massive Bonjo Jam with Funky Anthem. The video for Bongo Jam was a bit random but full of pin-ups including Jakki Degg, this one will have you bringing back memories of the summer as this was shot in Napa and features cameos from plenty of the UK music scene familiar faces. How many cameos can you spot?



Crazy Cousinz Myspace

When keeping it real goes wrong

Published by Warren Dell under on Saturday, November 22, 2008

US rapper gets jail time after admitting crime on wax

From HipHopDX

Georgia rapper Rico Todriquez Wright shot a man twice in September 2006. According to the Associated Press, Wright decided to describe the shooting, and called his victim, Chad Blue, out by name.

This new evidence landed Wright in prison for the next 20 years.
Blue, 28, told police he had known Wright before the shooting, but that they weren't on good terms. He testified that Wright's friends egged him on as he chased and shot Blue in the thigh and groin.

Blue later told police that he recognized Wright's voice on a CD, where the rapper said "Chad Blue knows how I shoot."

In addition to a sentence of 20 years for two counts of aggravated assault, Wright will spend another 20 years on probation.


The big five and one classic

Published by Warren Dell under , , , , , , , on Monday, November 17, 2008

Chase & Status Featuring Kano – Against All Odds

From the album ‘More Than A lot’ comes the Kano featured Against All Odds. Chase and Status use the familiar Apache break but they give the iconic number a new twist added with Kano who sounds back on form off the back of 140 Grime Street.

DJ & MC Bonez – Back It Up

The guys were getting reloads all summer with You Wot and they’re back with another banger that is ready to do the same. Back It Up is another easy to learn the words bassline anthem in the making with its catchy chorus and head nodding beat.

Craig David Featuring Tinchy Stryder & Rita Ora – Where’s Your Love?

Whether you think he is too late in trying to get back to aligning himself with this sound, you can’t deny his credentials with the amount of records sold. Interesting to hear him on 1xtra acknowledging the mistake with how Warners handled his promotion with the tastemakers not getting the promo copies until commercial Radio and thus losing out on the street buzz. He has held his hands up and you can’t knock him for trying to rebuild his links and tracks like this will help.

Tinchy Stryder & Roache - Rollin

Tinchy is on fire at the moment and follows up the success of Stryderman with Rollin, produced by the highly rated Maniac and featuring Roache. With some top notch bars and a high tempo instrumental providing the launch pad, the E3 high roller shows he is just as capable of making danceable Grime as he is Electro. Video comes complete with the latest Grime accessory, the dressing gown rocked by Roache and as previously seen on Skepta at the O2 Kano show.

DJ Perempay Featuring Katie Pearl – Something In The Air

There are plenty of Funky tracks doing a lot right now and after the success of Do You Mind and Fallin comes Something In The Air from DJ Perempay and the vocal talents of Katie Pearl. Equally at home on daytime radio playlists as front room DJ sets and is being caned on both right now.

DSK – What Would We Do

Sound familiar? This is what Bless Beats sampled for Wearing My Rolex, for those that know, it’s time to take it back to this classic House number by DSK ‘What Would We Do’.


Electro-grime is dead...but did you know it was alive?

Published by Warren Dell under , , , , , on Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grime purists may not like the sound, but have record companies missed a trick here?

After the success of Wearing my Rolex earlier in the year, this summer saw a flood of Electro-Grime tracks hitting the airwaves and video channels, with producer Bless Beats at the forefront. But by the end of the summer season (an extended one thanks to Wiley) when all was said and done, the sound has come crashing down if the chart positions of Summertime and Rolex Sleep are anything to go by.

But while those with their Grime hats firmly wedged on not buying the sound and happy to pronounce the music dead, I'm in no doubt that it could have done better than it did for all concerned, if only the record companies behind the aforementioned tracks knew what they were doing.

Wider audience

Grime will always have trouble reaching a new audience with the sound only accessible to a small following. Despite various attempts to extend that reach, most notably Roll Deep mixing their Grimey tones with pop sounds on In At The Deep End and Kano, Lethal Bizzle and the like collaborating with Indie singers, it just wasn't the right fit.

But whereas pop and indie just isn’t compatible with Grime, Electro is a more natural fit with both sitting in that underground dance category so Tinchy, Roll Deep, Skepta and all were hardly venturing into foreign territory. But for the tracks that had major backing behind it the chart numbers may signal failure, but one can't help feel that these would have been much higher had those promoting them knew what they had in front of them.


By the time Skepta Rolexed Sweeped his way into 86th position in the charts everyone and their mum knew the dance. Ranging from Busta Rhymes to Paul O'Grady doing the sweep, even that bird from the cafe on Eastenders had given it a go along with the months worth of Youtube tributes. But herein lies the problem.

All this exposure would have done wonders for the tune, in fact any tune from any genre if a release date was forthcoming, but by the time the release came round in September those that would have supported it with a purchase had already got the download, or had purchased a ringtone. The tune was tired.

Most tunes can create an underground buzz for a year before it gets picked up for a commercial release and still sell records, look at the success of bassline tracks by T2 and H20 as a recent example but the problem for Rolex Sweep was that a track with a limited shelf life (it is nothing more than a fun, perfect night out, summer holiday track) had missed the trick by not capitalising on the exposure.

Summertime in October?

At the same time that lover of record labels Wiley was looking to follow up the success of Wearing My Rolex with Summertime. It wasn't as good as the aforementioned track but anyone knows releasing a track about the summer in October is destined to fail.

While tracks like Stryderman, Do Me Wrong and Rolex Sweep shouldn't make up the majority of a Grime artists output, there is no wrong doing in knocking one or two of these out. Some are going to work and some won't, but the positives need to be taken from them.

In Stryderman, Tinchy has a tune that has given him more exposure than any of his previous tracks which is surely what any artist would want, it’s now up to him to capitalise on that with his album. Sadly with Wiley I think we are all expecting an album full of Wearing My Rolex knock-offs but he could have had some commercial success with a mainly Grime album if released on the back of his number two charted single.

Do record companies know how to market a Grime artist? Are electro grime tracks the answer? The chart positions of the aforementioned tracks would suggest no in black and white, but bearing in mind the record companies failure in handling these releases and how in the US, Hip-Hop artists have been making commercial sounding tracks to sell their grittier material for years, it could indicate that they may have a purpose in making Grime more accessible and allow more artists to make a living from it...which ultimately is what they’re trying to do.

The death of Electro Grime (The Guardian)
The making of Rolex Sweep
Wiley - Summertime Video

Lupe to retire after his next album...does anyone still care?

Published by Warren Dell under , on Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another rapper makes plans to retire, but when will they realise no one believes them?

Lupe Fiasco has announced that he might retire after releasing his third album titled LupEND but in recent years we've come to learn that retirement doesn't last for long.

Both Jay-Z and Wiley have returned to the mic and released albums after claiming they were done with the music game and Lupe himself has already made such claims in the past. So why do they do it? And do we believe them

Jay-Z didn't stray far from music, taking up a position at Def Jam and maybe Wiley needed more time to banter with the teens on the RWD forum, but we were never convinced and both have made music since. I'd expect Lupe to be doing the same.

For the record, LupEND is going to be a three disc epic with the titles 'Everywhere', 'Nowhere' and 'Down here'.

They may at the time be honest intentions but fans are no longer worried when they hear an artists retirement claims, just wondering when, not if, the next album will be released.

Lupe Fiasco bowing out with three disc set

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