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Redman - Put It Down (Produced by Timbaland)...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, March 26, 2007

Welcome back Reggie!!

Trim - Soul Food mixtape out now...

Published by Warren Dell under on Sunday, March 25, 2007

Available at UK Record Shop...

Example - We Didn't Invent The Remix review...

Published by Warren Dell under on Sunday, March 25, 2007

A few years back P.Diddy, clad in shiny suit, decided to announce that he invented the remix and dropped an album of Bad Boy re-workings. Typically British, you won't be hearing any boasts of the sought from Example, who builds anticipation for his debut LP 'What We Made' with his own collection of remixes on this must have mixtape.

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New Ne-Yo Video...

Published by Warren Dell under on Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'll post a better quality video when I can find one, for now enjoy it for the song...

Tales from the flipside review...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mark Devlin – Tales from the Flipside

Private jets, getting drunk and glamorous women flocking round are just some of the few things that spring to mind when you think about the life of those superstar marquee name DJ’s. For the small minority all this and more is certainly true but outside the Premiership league of DJ’s the lifestyle is very different.

Blues and Soul writer and DJ for the last 14 years Mark Devlin lifts the light on what reality is like for the vast majority of DJ’s in his book Tales From The Flipside. As any clubber knows the real nights specializing in R’n’B, Hip-Hop & Dancehall are not in a vast supply and thus the world of a DJ in this arena is very different from those dance DJ’s who can enjoy bigger fees, more opportunities abroad and become household names in half the time.

While you may think that after a few chapters Devlin is moaning perhaps too much about a career many would do at a drop of a hat and he could easily go get a 9-5, realize that the guy like many others in the urban field have put in years of graft while still having uncertainty and repeatedly annoying scenarios while out playing.

This book serves as an eye opener for those who think that a DJ’s job is merely turning up to a club and throwing on a few records. Equally entertaining as insightful Devlin lets the reader in on a day in the life of a DJ and all the circumstances that come with the job. Stupid requests from pissed-up clubbers, dodgy promoters and everyone’s hated people, bouncers, all get taken to task while lifting the light on a career you wouldn’t expect your careers teacher accepting back at school.

From his own personal accounts to anecdotes of major players and friends in the scene this book is as equally as important as Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton) to anyone that is passionate about music. If you want to DJ and believe it’s all money and no problems, then ignore this book and keep daydreaming, but if you want to be told how it is pick this up now.

Yungun and Guru - Too Slick...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The UK’s finest Yungun has teamed up with Guru for the ultra funky Too Slick. The Gang Starr man’s next installment in his Jazzmatazz series is about to drop in the coming months but unless it’s a bonus on a UK edition it doesn’t look like it’s made the cut judging by the track listing below. One UK man that does make it is soul man Omar, but with regards to the Yungun track head to his myspace to check it out and keep an eye out for any release.

1. Cuz I’m Jazzy – feat: Slum Village
2. State Of Clarity – feat: Common and Bob James
3. Stand Up (Some Things’ll Never Change) – feat: Damian Marley
4. Look To The Sun (Solar)
5. Connection – feat: Kem
6. Fine and Free – feat: Vivian Green
7. Wait On Me – feat: Raheem DeVaughn
8. International – feat: Bobby Valentino
9. This Is Art – feat: Ronny Laws
10. Fly Magnetic – feat: Dionne Farris
11. The Jazz – Style feat: Omar
12. Follow The Signs – feat: Shelley Harland
13. Universal Struggle – feat: Brownman
14. Infinite – feat: Blackalicious
15. Kissed The World – feat: Caron Wheeler
16. Living Legend – feat: David Sanborn

Grime @ Isle of Wight Festival...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Last year I posted a short clip I found of JME, Skepta, Tinchy Stryder and DJ Cameo at the Isle of Wight festival. This weekend while bored I was having a butchers at a load of myspace videos when I found the actual full length documentary. The guys were performing in the Strongbow Cider rooms alongside the Heritage Players in a grime meets instruments mash-up. Take a look...

Isle Of Wight Documentary

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Like Cameo says, Grime just doesn't have to be about Playstation beats...

Phuturehype Female rapping auditions...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, March 19, 2007
Calling all budding female emcees! 2007 sees the 4th year of the Phuturehype female mc/rapping competition. Each year the competition has grown bigger from just 7 people turning up to the first ever audition in 2003 (one of them was Lady Sovereign) to last year where they cut and shot the first video for the single Phuture Journey, featuring the 2006 finalists. Along the way the competition was featured on Channel 4’s Chancers and 2006 finalist VdoubleE on Music Cool. The first stage of auditions takes place in May with all the details below; those that are interested should contact the brains behind Phuturehype Denise Destini (

Phuturehype on myspace

Phuturehype auditions-Sat 5th May @12.30pm
05 May 2007, 20:30
157-163 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1, London and South East WC1
Cost : nothing!!

Kanye West, Rakim, Nas, & KRS One - Classic (Premier produced)...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, March 19, 2007

New Videos on the UK tip...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, March 12, 2007
Roll Deep - Celebrate That

Klashnekoff - My Life

Musiq is back...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, March 12, 2007
Buddy Video

It's been a long three years since Musiq dropped any material but after a few tracks leaked to radio we now have a proper single to get our hands on. Buddy is the first release from the forthcoming album Luvanmusiq out 19th March. Lyrically it may be along the lines of his debut single Justfriends but it's just nice to hear the Philly soul mans voice on record again. This mid-tempo beat has serious cross-over potential sampling Taana Gardner's 1981 disco fantasia Heartbeat.


1. Buddy
2. Millionaire
3. Teach Me
4. Better Man
5. The Questions
6. Today
7. Make You Happy
8. Ridiculous
9. Ms. Philadelphia
10. Take You There
11. Lullaby
12. Greatest Love

The Return of the Magnificant...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, March 12, 2007

While those whose heads don't nod to the Hip-Hop beat may forever associate Jazzy Jeff for being the guy who was always being thrown out of the Banks household in The Fresh Prince, those that do will know what high holding he has in music. Following on from the critical acclaim of his last long player and after a load of various Hip-Hop and Soulful House mixtapes, Jazzy Jeff drops an EP before the release of The Return of the Magnificant. The James Brown sampling and Rhymefest featuring Jeff N Ness takes it back to the days of when the MC and DJ went hand in hand, while fellow midwest rhymslingers Little Brother pop up on Whatever You Want. For the soul heads out there the excellent and vastly underated Raheem DeVaughn complements the smoothness of My Soul Ain't For Sale while the funky Bossynova maybe minus vocals but provides plenty of layers to get into. The EP is perfect for DJ's but it's the full LP I want to get my hands on, the wait isn't long.

Redman Mixtape, album soon come...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's been a lengthy lay-off for any official output from the man from Brick City, but while Jay-Z may have been busy with his comeback and signing R'n'B singers, Redman has been putting together some of his best material. After the Gilla House mixtapes teased us into what was in store he now drops Live From Brick City which includes a take on the classic Roots Manuva track Witness. Although not as good as the original (although what is?) Redman is clearly on top form and finally Def Jam look set to end the waiting for his next official album on 26th March.

Red Gone Wild Thee Album Tracklisting

1. Fire-Feat. E3
2. Bak Inda Buildin
3. Put It Down
4. Gimmie One
5. F**k Ur Opinion (Skit)
6. Sumtn 4 Urrbody-Feat. Blam, Runt Dog, Ready Roc, Icadon & Saukrates
7. Pimp Nutz
8. Freestyle Freestyle
9. WutchooGonnaD-Feat. Melanie Rutherford
10. Walk In Gutta-Feat. Erick Sermon, Keith Murray & Biz Markie
11. Dis Iz Brick City-Feat. Ready Roc
12. Rite Now
13. Blow Treez-Feat. Ready Roc & Method Man
14. Suicide
15. Mr. Ice Cream Man (Skit)
16. Hold Dis Blaow!
17. Get 'em-Feat. Saukrates & Icadon
18. Merry Jane-Feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dog
19. Gilla House Check
20. No Mo Soopaman Luva (Skit)
21. Soopaman Luva 6-Feat. E3, Hurricane G & Melanie Rutherford
22. Soopaman Luva 6 1/2-Feat. Hurricane G & Melanie Rutherford

Budget Video

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake -

New night to check...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, March 05, 2007

Urban Nerds

Lethal Bizzle - Mr - Video

Published by Warren Dell under on Thursday, March 01, 2007

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