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Battle of the dollsnatch...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The first battle of the dollsnatch is one which sees Jay-Z's woman go head to head. So how do they match up? Let's jump straight in to it. But first it's well known how much Jigga liked Biggie and we all know that when Biggie settled down with Faith, he still had L’il Kim and Charli Baltimore on the side. So Beyonce read Faith and Rihanna read queen bee or the one with the pink hair.

With Rihanna the newcomer on the scene you would think that B has this on lock but now she's already looking to settle down Jigga perhaps has cold feet and understandably so if the rumours are true and he's dipping into Rihanna.
What 33 year-old wouldn't go for a slice of younger talent if he could get it?

When it comes to singing then Beyonce takes this one easy but then the dollsnatch battle doesn't take this into consideration.

While it took Beyonce years before she went from potential to 'god damn' material Rihanna managed this feat in less than a year. Check the progress from Pon De Replay to S.o.S. Impressive.

Only recently have we seen the daddy's girl roots disappear from Beyonce, just look at her in the controversal Deja Vu video - But grabbing Jay-Z's belt and pushing up on him looks as though she is trying too hard.

In the style stakes this would seem an easy one for B, as she has been around much longer than our Barbadian rookie. Yet letting your mum dress you when you're a kid may just about slide, when that shit is still going on at 24 it has to stop. I know mother Knowles has to be on the payroll doing something but couldn't she just turn up and wear T-shirts of her offspring like Allen Iverson mum does, rather than design those skanky dresses. Then again as impressive as Rihanna looks in the S.O.S vid, I can't help but think that when she is dancing by those mirrors, her haircut makes her look like that Big Brother crossdresser Kamal. Bonor-killer.

While Jay-Z has the best of both worlds (no R Kelly)and is easily the overall winner here, it's the younger model Rihanna that beats her older counterpart here. It certainly isn't a myth - an older bloke will always trade for a younger model if he can get it. Call it a mid-life crisis or something...


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