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Rhymest wants a nice cup of tea and sit down with Cameron...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, August 07, 2006
Surprisingly there hasn't been as much opinion expressed by artists over the comments made by David Cameron in June over Radio 1 being blamed for gun voilence in this country. Although Lethal B hit back in the Guardian (must get it delivered) there hasn't been the widespread response a topic like this deserves. Although some of the points are right and some music does glorify it rather than just paint the picture, not much has come out to defend it. Rhymefest recently wrote a letter to Cameron and which can be read here. Out of all the coverage given to it he puts across the most valid viewpoint I've seen which sits in between both arguments as the most balance read on the subject. Take a look...


Anonymous said... @ 7:28 AM

Hey Warren, its Denise (phuturehype)
David Cameron is an idiot and is playing up to all the stereotypes..if you dont know anything about the music, dont say nothing at all

Also I need u to contact me again as I want to interview for the Phuturehype finals brochure; Im doing a feature about blogging, so can you get in contact with me ASAP


Denise Destini

Jas said... @ 5:10 PM

Rhymefest isn't calling him an idiot and he's not an idiot. Rhymefest agrees that Hip Hop contributes to the problem, but not all artists can be tarred with the same brush.

Spoken like a gentlemen...would be v impressed if Cameron replied.

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