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The reality of all reality shows...

Published by Warren Dell under on Thursday, August 24, 2006

Reality TV shows are full of people wanting their 15 minutes of fame and the ones filled with celebrities are usually their last chance to grab the publics interest. But occassionaly you get to witness TV gold and BET have done what some TV company should have done along time ago. DMX: Soul Of The Man may never reach the UK but one needs to track footage down anyway they can.

We already know how explosive the guy is from his continual time in the press without any music being reviewed. Whether it's the constant arrests for reckless driving or the jail term for pretending to be an FBI officer, you know you're in for an entertaining ride.

Of the clips I've seen on Youtube and the reviews I've read viewers get to see DMX in the days leading up to his iron vacation, getting called Ja Rule by a 12 year old girl out in Arizona and the last family meal before the sentence. The clip above sees DMX trying Swizz Beats patience by being late for studio time while he checked out the fresh donuts and amazed at bazooka gum in a convenience store, "You get a joke and a piece of gum". Gold, wish we could get BET over here.

But let it be known, he'll eff a midget up.


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