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The video gets taken to task...

Published by Warren Dell under on Friday, August 11, 2006
This is the first of depending on how arsed I am reviews of the current music videos hitting an MTV Base, Channel U, You Tube screen near you. To get things under way I thought I would start with the video that has drawn a lot of controversy since it debuted, Beyonce and Jay-Z's Deja Vu.

Here is the video for those stuck under a rock or can't afford a TV (but still have Broadband).

First observation is that as noted earlier on this site, you have to be pretty sad at venting your anger at a video to the point you feel the need to petition its pulling off air. After all it's not like someones laying on a cross now is it? (shout to Nas).

Putting a media studies qualification to the test I figured that with the song being called Deja Vu and with lyrics mentioning B sees some old acquaintance everywhere she looks, this would be why she is running around in her country bumpkin dress through some woods.

Eventually she finds her man (Jigga) who is strangely sat in some disused shed, but seems to be happy on B's arrival. From the weird dance moves Beyonce seems happy too, even going as far as kneeling over and tugging on Jay's belt. Ahem. Maybe she was listening to Me & You that day.

At this point we get to the peak of the song and the part where B goes belting out with the vocals. If I saw a girl in a club dancing like she does here, I would assume she was either crazy or had downed too much Red Bull and tart fuel (Bacardi Breezers etc. for the American readers). But as it's Beyonce doing it and not some pramface the erratic moves are pulled off.

The final outro of the song has Beyonce out at night with a few more moves, then it's over and the campaigning begun. Again putting the media studies qualification to use I would say that although the song is as upbeat as Crazy In Love, visually it doesn't match it although full credit goes to Beyonce for the acknowledging who wears the trousers in the Jayonce household with her belt tugging.


Jas said... @ 5:04 PM

Channel U is for idiots :P

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