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Grassing up one, stop snitching nil...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, August 30, 2006
So it looks like the arrest of Busta Rhymes at Amsterjam was merely a chance for the NY police to grill him over the stabbing of his weed carrier earlier this year.

A Police source said "I don't know if this is normally something he would even be arrested for, but his bouncer was killed and he didn't want to cooperate”.

Not normally being arrested for assaulting someone doesn’t exactly show the police in good light when it comes to protecting New Yorkers, but Busta must have known the day would come where he would have to answer to the blue suits.

This whole ‘Stop Snitching’ stance has taken on trend setting proportions like the trucker cap, white tee and the saying ‘no homo’. Yet this new trend hardly has the subtlety of those last three.

Every time someone passes to the cipher in the sky through murder, fellow artists are quick to slam the police for their slackness. In the case of Biggie and Tupac they’re not wrong. But they’re hardly doing themselves favours by keeping to this universally accepted pact of keeping schtum.

After Busta’s weed carrier Israel Ramirez was shot he paid for his funeral and spoke about how close he was to him, yet will not talk. Is this because of the incompetent police or the knowledge that by snitching he will be next in line? Honestly, you would say yes to both, but surely it’s time for this ‘stop snitching’ thing to stop.

Stop Snitching gained its notoriety from a Baltimore based DVD that showcased drug dealers threatening anyone who turned them in with violence. Why not just keep away from the cameras? This then spread to t-shirts being made up that gained more popularity and in turn was taken upon rappers as the code to live by.

If you glance on the voice of reason Questlove’s Myspace page you see his quote as being ‘start snitching’. Now when I was at school you took the detention for possession of reading (looking?) at that lad mag in class, rather than grass up and lay pray to a playtime beat down. But playground rules don’t apply in the rap world. Even if it seems child’s play seems so appropriate for some of the rival crew beefing. So from now on I’ll be highlighting artists who get caught out against this ‘Stop Snitching’ mantra. Starting with Busta, it won’t be long till the next one pops by.

Start snitching…


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