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These are The Shiznit...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, November 30, 2005

  1. The Murkle Man video - You couldn't imagine Wiley running around in a costume in his video, oh he did the old man thing in the shake a leg vid tho didn't he. But if any one was going to dress as a superhero and get away with it than it would Jammer, the Superman of the noughties.
  2. The new licensing laws - Dirty stop out and her up for it friends get more time to find their future child support payment provider and no longer will we be ordering those two doubles at 5 to 11 to get J-Kwon. 24 hours in a day...24 beers in a case...coincidence?
  3. Jay-Z and Nas re-unite - Both guys are now more hyped about picking out new IKEA curtains with wifey than picking fights. But it will be good to hear these two greats get into the studio together with Kanye rumoured to be behind the boards as these two greats make up.
  4. Urban acts deemed 'cool' by NME - Indie bible NME jumps off Pete Doherty's bits for a minute to name Sway, Kano, M.I.A, Dangermouse and Kanye West in their top 50 cool list for 2005.
  5. Serving tea and biscuits at a nightclub - So your names Des for the night and you have watch your friends drink and chat shit to strangers while you sip tap water. Take a leave out of Scruff's book and have some tea and biscuits, this is how you really get down.

These aren't The Shiznit...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, November 30, 2005

  1. That bloody Frog – He’s back to spread some Christmas joy. Makes a Westlife track sound soothing.
  2. No party rings at Scruff – Why were there no party rings at the Scruff gig? They’re the most Hip-Hop biscuit in the tin.
  3. Channel U’s quality control – No one can fault what the channels done for UK music but any man with a PS2, cheap camera and a crew can be found on screen now. Who decides what gets played?
  4. The wait for the new series of Curb Your Enthusiasm – Series 5 is on in the States now; More4 has finally picked up on Larry David’s brilliance over here and has been showing series 4. But I want 5.
  5. Lost – Plane crash and then stranded shenanigans on an Island. How many episodes? What? A second series?

Keep It Unreal...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mr Scruff took his eclectic and rather large record collection on the road this winter and stopped off in my area last week as part of his Keep it Unreal tour. For those that have seen the man play live before you can count yourself lucky, I too can now join the brigade and for those that haven't been please make sure you do next time he's in your manor. It would be rude not too. The Brook in Southampton is more used to playing host to bands rather than just the one DJ, but with two projector screens either side of him showing animation and a flawless selection of records all eyes were towards the stage rather than breaking out their one-two step. Starting off with some Reggae to welcome the people he started to switch it up with a selection of B-boy classics and a host of breaks that had the nerds quickly reciting to the person next to them who sampled it. With a seemless transition from track to track you didn't realise one minute you were listening to Common's 'Be' to an old school dance number with some rock thrown in the middle such is the skill of the man. Any night that serves a selection of tea and biscuits with an eclectic mix of 45's is bound to be a winner, yes that's right tea and biscuits. While the latest Channel U mc to pick up the mic waves around his bottle of Hypnotic Scruff keeps it ghetto with Twinnings finest and delivered a great night of good vibes. A massive fan of tea like the Queen, Mr Scruff decided to combine his two loves and set up his own tea shop at all of his tour dates with all money raised going to charity, what a nice man.

Check out for tour dates and information on how to buy mugs, tea pots and other hot beverage paraphernalia.

Busta - Dreadless, No Homo...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Normally it's only David Beckham who gets a massive fanfare when he changes his hair style, and there is still something quite wrong about that, but Busta deserves a mention here as his hairdo has been together longer than The Lox and a messed up recording contract...

The Industry...

Published by Warren Dell under on Thursday, November 17, 2005
Making a name for yourself isn't the easiest of things to do in the music industry. Even if you do manage to get that buzz there's no gaurantee you'll go on a sell by the bucketload. But help is at hand with a new DVD aimed at giving you an insight into one of the toughest industries out there.

The Industry is a step by step guide to the music game with over 3 DVD disks lasting a whopping 4 and a half hours. Ras Kwame provides the backdrop to 16 chapters that will take you from recording right through to the final push of your single, with lessons on promotion, meeting your record label and much more in between.

The best thing is that the words are coming from the artists themselves and people working in the industry. Just some of the names on hand here include; Lethal B, Kano, Ms Dynamite, Heartless Crew, Roll Deep, Crazy Titch, Bruza, Trevor Nelosn and many more. With extras and an hour of freestyles this DVD is packed.

This DVD should be out this weekend from all the usual outlets and is must see material. With all the DVD's flooding the scene it's refreshing to see one that is looking at things from a fresh angle and the first that has covered this topic in such depth. The team behind The Industry actually had to leave out an hour of footage due to space confinements. An essential purchase for those wanting to get ahead in the industry.

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