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We toured the world, when I made you my girl/Everyone knew you was Jay's lady...

Published by Warren Dell under on Thursday, June 22, 2006
Beyonce may be hitting a rough patch with her hubby Jay-Z, who seems to be preoccupied with answering Rihanna's SOS (genius), but the two link up to reunite the spark Crazy In Love brought three years ago with Deja Vu. The single is the lead from her second album B'Day, out in september. Beyonce is definately giving it some on the vocals with quite a powerful vocal delivery for such a mid-tempo track. Deja Vu may not have the same immediate attraction as the Rich Harrison number but this Rodney Jerkins groove is definately a grower and with the inevitable push from her record label we soon won't be able to move without hearing this blasting out of some speakers or some video station this summer. Whether Jay-Z will still be around for that filiming is another matter. And I doubt Rihanna will be making a cameo in it either.

Other tracks on rotation...

Sergio Mendes feat Black Eyed Peas - Mas Que Nada - BEP seem to have a new video on tele every week. This time they team up with Sergio Medes for a remix of his old hit Mas Que Nada in time for the World Cup, which the Brazil team dance around too in one of the 378 adverts football adverts made for the competition. Anyone seen that Pringles advert with Steven Gerrad in? 'Eh Roberto, pass us the Pringles' Classic acting by a footballer.

Donell Jones - Lust or Love - Another qaulity slab of mid-tempo soul from Mr Jones who is wetting the appetide for more of the same from his album Gemini.

Lilly Allen - Smile - Not strictly an urban act but this single with it's reggae/ska groove is the feel good hit of the summer with some fantastic lyrics. Call her pop, Corinne Bailey Rae on crack or the female Mike Skinner - Lilly Allen is real and you'll find it hard to not singalong to this summer ditty.

Busta Rhymes - I Love My Chick - With all the hype that surrounds the album this hardly shows off the new Busta. A catchy hook and Will.I.AM production adds up to the formula for another radio hit for Busta, but lets hope the hype is justified once The Big Bang drops.

Ne-Yo - Sexy Love - While America gets When Your Mad, us over the pond have Sexy Love as the next single. One of the standouts from an excellent album, Ne-Yo is the total package.

Gnarls Barkly- Smiley Faces - In the end Cee-Lo and Dangermouse had to get their record label to delete the Crazy single as they like many others were annoyed of hearing it every five minutes. In the US they have only just started to pick up a decent rotation of spins for the record but it hasn't been taken with such accord like here. The next single Smiley Faces is my favourite from the album and could easily go the way as Crazy with it's catchy chorus and upbeat tempo, that has a distinct Motown feel to it.

Rihanna - Unfaithful - Wrote by Ne-Yo, this is quite a dreary depressing track, turn the sound down for the video.

Jamie Foxx - One Night Extraganza - Actor/comedian/singer Jamie Foxx continues with his take on making R Kelly music by singing about his hangover. Bloody lightweight.

India Irie - I am not my hair -
Why do people insist on having Akon on a track? This is not Video. I don't think she's trying to tell us she wears a wig.

Plan B - Mama -
This is as upbeat as you're going to get from Plan B who is talented, but I doubt I can sit through a whole album of his stuff. You won't like me when I'm angry.

Clipse - Mr Me Too - Finally it looks like we'll get our hands on a Clipse album very soon. This is in similar vein to the beat for Drop It Like It's Hot and like the Snoop track Pharrell gets his Skateboard P on. Welcome back Pusha T and Malice. Now get that album out.


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