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Hip-Hop Kemp...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, June 26, 2006
This is shaping up to be one hell of a festival and I for one can't wait. A few additions have been made to line-up which you can see in full below...

NON PHIXION /USA/GURU of Gang Starr / Jazzmatazz featuring Super producer Solar & DJ Doo Wop /USA/LITTLE BROTHER /USA/DJ A-TRAK (Kanye West's DJ) /CAN/ONESELF (DJ Vadim, Blu Rum 13, Yarah Bravo, DJ Woody, Bongo Pete) /UK, USA/CALI AGENTS (Rasco & Planet Asia) /USA/M.E.D. aka MEDAPHOAR /USA/SWAY + Pyrelli /UK/HOCUS POCUS /F/KLASHNEKOFF /UK/KALIBER 44 + Czarne Złoto /PL/KONTRAFAKT /SK/PSH /CZ/INDY & WICH /CZWWO /PL/CURSE /D/O.S.T.R. /PL/GHOST / VERB T / KASHMERE aka IGUANA MAN /UK/LONA & DJ TWISTER /PL/STIEBER TWINS /D/C2C (DJ's Pfel, Atom, 20Syl, Greem) /F/PYRANJA /D/SPREAD THE MESSAGE SOUNDSYSTEM ft. Rafik, Adlib, Kut-L, Ben* (D)ROOFTOP CLIQUE /A/HOERSPIELCREW /A/


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