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Published by Warren Dell under on Friday, June 23, 2006
Since Jay-Z said he was boycotting Cristal and urging other rappers to do the same, there has been plenty of comments from various media outlets since the initial remark from Cristals head honcho about their association with his drink in the Economist.

Jigga's lyrics will now be Cristal free when he comes to perform at a special gig for the 10th anniversary of the Reasonable Doubt album.

After all the comments on the issue I feel that it's about time I dropped my two pence on the subject.

Who gives a f*ck if Jay-Z is banning the once favoured alcoholic beverage of choice for rappers in his establishments and is urging a rapper wide boycott.

The stuff tastes like shit, well that's what someone who can afford the stuff once told me and you can't tell me every rapper seen guzzling it down in a video generally likes the stuff. It's just a sign of wealth and something to tick off on the checklist of 'things a rapper must do when in a video' (shout to The Roots). They're not going to start swigging bottles of Budweiser like the average man going about his prey in a club.

While this will boycott will no doubt result in the profits of Cristal taking a dive in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really achieve anything.

If rappers wanted to make a difference, shouldn't they try getting people to vote or stop the amount of violence associated with them, rather than debating what the rappers choice of alcohlic brand should be. After all, don't they get that shit for free anyway?


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