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I'm going to keep it gangsta/I'm going to make it hot...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, June 21, 2006
There comes a time in a girls life where they make that transition from the shy and innocent girl to a full on sex type shaking what her mama gave her. Some times and in particular to some I see out on the town this is a bad thing. But on the whole this is only a good thing for the fellow man and many examples of this blossoming can be seen right now in this here music game. Nelly Furtado may have sold 6 million records but she was never going to get an FHM or King cover singing about a bird. Now she has ditched the sweet and innocent for a Gwen Stefani makeover to get on radar. Sex sells in this music game and below are some other dollsnatch who have swapped their teen mag poses for full on come to bed eyes.

Christina Milian

Her breakout year came in 2004 when she ditched the poppy R'n'B tracks on her debut for something a little more grown & sexy. The schoolgirl look did it for When You Look At Me (and boy didn’t we) but when she skipped class to get her advanced paint game on in the Dip It Low video, you’d be forgiven for finding it hard to remember what the song actually sounded like. How Nick Cannon got his swerve on there we can only wonder, but I doubt it involved any of his freestyles from his Wildin Out Show. Why you’d want to cheat on her only fools know, even if she only put out once a week it’s got to be good. She now uses the word gangsta in her songs…one can only think of the possibilities…

Christina Aguilera

When Britney Spears left her teeny days behind her and the press was full of pics of her drinking, smoking and not being the best of mums around her southern roots were coming through. You can take the girl out the south and all that…Well it seems Aguilera is no different. She always came across as another typically good, eat your vitamins girl but we just knew there was something trying to get out. And it certainly did when Dirty hit, and she had clearly been taking those vitamins. It must be those South American roots, but the question remains, did Redman give her length? Cos surely that was in the bargain if he was going to feature on a track with her? Maybe Preemo can shed some light on if this sort of agreement exists?


One of the most sharpest of transformations that has to have Jay-Z sat back on his chair at his plush Cristal free Def Jam office in delight is the Barbadian beauty. I think it’s only been ten months since she looked like an underage clubber in Pon De Replay but in SOS it has to be the biggest evidence for Beyonce that Rihanna is sharing more than business lunches with Jigga. He maybe more interested in signing R’n’B acts than figuring out how to get Ghostface a platinum plaque, but he’s still got his player tendency. Think what he could do if the Olsen twins wanted to make music? Actually stop it.


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