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How I'm gona make my g's?/If you've got my album before the release/The qualities rubbish and there aint no sleeve/People please be reasonable...

Published by Warren Dell under on Sunday, June 04, 2006
Read an interesting article about how in the midst of the Internet phenom Myspace and other ways of promoting on the net, old-fashioned PR is still essential in getting an artists music to your ears.

It goes on to name the usual subjects that have benefited from using what is now an essential way to making a name such as Arctic Monkeys, Gnarls Barkley and Lily Allen.

With the threat of downloading a real thorn in the side for the smaller music scenes artists have to look into extra ways in promoting themselves and being able make a living.

With the lack of record company support to urban music acts in this country many of our acts can take a leaf out of the above-mentioned books and some are already doing so.

Selling mixtapes is a valuable outlet to give people a chance to buy an artists record and if you take a look in Uptown Records or Rhythm Division you’ll be into the tens of the amount of artists that are adorning the walls.

They and the scene as a whole is dependent on the release of mixtapes to gain a buzz and either grow independently or attract the riches of a label.

Kano may already have a record deal and an album out through 679 but earlier this year he dropped his Beats and Bars CD to successful underground acclaim. His cohorts Demon and Ghetto have also followed suit and barely a month goes by now when you hear about a new mixtape out.

Where before in the states an artist will drop verses or whole new tracks on a few mixtapes a month that are more about making or keeping a name out there, rather than staying consistent with the output – a lot of the Grime guys are treating the releases as their album.

The latest release has come from Wiley who dropped his hotly anticipated 2nd Phaze, which is so good it’s really a follow up to his Treddin On Thin Ice album. While Skepta is going round letting you know he makes albums not mixtapes.

One artist who is releasing mixtapes and going that extra yard is Akira The Don. The colourful Welshman interacts with people via his blog which is updated daily and will cover his recordings, thoughts on the issues of the day and even to what he had for lunch. Every month or so he’ll upload his own mixtapes that are as eclectic as they are random – one release found Gnarls Barkley sharing space with Chesney Hawks.

Other artists are hitting up Myspace pages rapidly and are the first place that people without access to pirate radio are going to hear new tracks. In fact anyone whose anyone in the grime scene has their own page as artists look for any little bit extra that will help them promote their cause.

It will be intriguing to see how the avenues in which artists use develop in the next few years with the term Myspace phenom being thrown about all the time and what other ways artists will use in the future.

The internet may be viewed by some with caution due to illegal downloading, but with the right know how is an essential tool in an artists plan and shouldn’t be overlooked by artists.


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