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Published by Warren Dell under on Saturday, June 17, 2006
What if the England team were rappers?

David Beckham - Kanye West - Fancies himself a bit, always eccentric with his fashion for better or worse. Always good for a silly comment.

Rio Ferdinand - Snoop Dogg - Got to be since that cornrow free photo and is so relaxed he's probably high.

Michael Owen - Ludacris - Burst onto the world scene with an excellent debut, but has always failed to live up to expectations every two years since.

Wayne Rooney – The Game - Already a heavyweight so early in his career and could go on to be one of the greats. Been compared to those who went before him and often found in controversy either in action or extra curricular activities.

Peter Crouch – Dem Franchize Boyz – Could never be taken seriously when first breaking through but now a mainstay after a signature dance has taken the public by storm. Has critics from the purists but won’t be leaving for a while yet.

Gary Neville – Ja Rule – You either love or hate him, and more are in the latter category. Has clashed with rival players and fans.

Steven Gerrard – Guru – Been consistent from the word go and an exemplary professional.

Frank Lampard - Common - Was always overlooked when it came the applaudits but after lining up with an ego centric partner (Jose/Kanye) has started to get the commercial acclaim he deserves.

Joe Cole - Lil Wayne - Was once known as being flashy, now still likes to display the glitz and glamour but has controlled it and is now starting to progress to heavyweight status.

Ashley Cole – Nelly - Was once in the middle of a major bidding war, loves the glamour and can be found pictured with his other half who’s also in the public eye.

Paul Robinson – Lupe Fiasco – Current number 1 and already compared to some greats that held the position in the past.

John Terry – 50 Cent – Was always destined for big things but a number of off the field escapades looked liked keeping him down. Now known world wide for what he does and with his team whether you like it or not will be dominate the scene for years to come.


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