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Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, June 26, 2006
Mediawhore – adjective (pl. mediawhores or whores) A subject with no dignity or shame that will stop at nothing to gain the attention of the public. Can normally be seen staggering out of clubs, sleeping or arguing with other media whores and if need be toss off a pig. May have some reality TV experience.

No.2 - Victoria Beckham

The word desperate is pretty much always associated with these so-called celebs as they vie for the paparazzi to take their picture or try and resurrect their flagging careers. Check Victoria Beckham. Once the mute in the successful pop act The Spice Girls she took it upon herself to punish us with her own solo material. Although I must admit I did dance a few times to that track with Dane Bowers and The Truesteppers. Hey it was catchy alright. But when she was finally dropped she went back to doing what she did best, playing the 'loving' husband to Goldenballs but really thinking ‘cameraman take my picture’. Remember when after David gave length to the pig friend Rebecca Loos she went over the top in showing her love for him. It was like watching a dog hump a tree in a park. Cringe worthy yet kinda funny. Although all celebs moan about the intrusion by the paps deep down she hankers for another moment where she can give that pout while showing off what Davids wages brought. Her biggest crime to attract attention is the pre-World Cup parties she hosts. I know some charity gets a wedge of cash but the biggest charity case there is Victoria, as the good cause is keeping her skinny frame in the papers.


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