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Wiley makes big boy moves to Big Dada...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Congrats go to Wiley who has signed for the respected Big Dada label. After going with Boy Better Know for the 2nd Phaze and Tunnel Vision series, he'll now have the backing of label who have had success with Ty, Roots Manuva and recently Spank Rock.

Big Dada are quite a diverse label and are perfect for Wiley to get his music over to a wider audience while still having complete control. Something he was pleased to say on the labels site.

"I think it's good because all my life I've been looking for a creative control, to make an album that I'll enjoy listening to and performing... a grime album that I really want to make!"

It will be interesting to see if any collaborations with other artists on the Big Dada roster happen. I personally would love to see a Spank Rock and Wiley collabo.


styleslut said... @ 12:04 AM

Spank rock and Wiley would be sick blaaaaad.

I doubt eskiboy would actually turn up to the studio, but hey, a man can dream innit?

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