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Bugz In The Attic - Live @ Orange Rooms...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I continued my gigging experiences Sunday night and found myself back at the delights of Orange Rooms to see Bugz In The Attic do their thing.

This was their first night of a short tour to promote the summer released Back In The Dog House album and with live band in tow was high on promise, and more than delivered.

With the exception of say Basement Jaxx and The Chemical Brothers a lot of dance acts prefer to stay in the studio and knock out singles and remixes for others.

For ten years Bugz have been doing this but they were always going to be different to your average dance collective, with so much going on in their album songs and a blend of funk, soul and dance the live experience was always going to be something spectacular.

Each of the band members were switching instruments between songs and were flowing with energy, whether that was hyping the crowd or throwing some eye catching dance moves. At one point one of the band members took to the floor with his tambourine to shake it with crowd, which in turn started an impromptu dance cipher.

But the standout was the singer Yolanda whose smile lit up the venue and when she started to sing it had me hanging onto every word. The girl has some moves as well.
The long-standing single Booty La La received the biggest cheer while Don’t Stop The Music and Happy Days were well received.

Their album is one of my personal faves this year and I’m sure will be in my end of year lists, after tonight it will be hard not to include their live show also.


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