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The video gets taken to task...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, September 13, 2006

After pushing the grounds of journalism with my first video analysis, it's time for a second and it's the Diddy himself that makes a return to our screens. The video is for Come To Me and features the lovely Nicole whatshername from the Pussy Cat Dolls. The one that does all the signing and is featured on just about everyone's songs at the moment. She's appearing on so many at the right now even I'm thinking of getting her on a track. I don't even sing or rap but do a mean R Kelly 'whoo' and could do that in the background while she prances around.

The video opens the morning after the night before with what must be a typical night in the Diddy household with a couple of woman passed out from the Hypnotic, or maybe that Unforgivable aftershave he's now flogging. Some other girl appears and answers the phone and and answers that 'he'll be there'. Maybe it's another court date to attend for Black Rob or even Aubrey from Making The Band on the line.

Instead it turns out they are going clubbing and Diddy rolls in to make his grand entrance complete with Paul Wall grills. Now Diddy has the style and swagger when he has the suit look but looks like he's trying too hard when he has a baggy white tee on, the same applies with the grills. But this isn't ghetto vogue so back to the video.

Nicole makes her first appearance sat down singing her verse, really it should be her song as Diddy doesn't really say much. We then get treated to the first of Diddy's comical dance steps. You know when you're at a family gathering and all of a sudden the older members of the family have to take to the dance floor. It's something along the lines of that spectacle. For someone that danced in videos before his Uptown days he really should know better.

The whole song is about Nicole wanting some smuck to make a move but being too shy, it seems she had this problem in the Buttons video. What is it with these shy guys? Go Diana King. Diddy eventually tracks her down and we get some dodgy matrix looking video effect before he finally gets a hold of her, and he tries to impress her with the grandad moves again. It actually works. But don't be fooled that this will get you any dollsnatch in a club, unless you're worth the millions those moves need to stay on VH1.

Technically this video is no different than any other and sticks to the same hit the club then get the girl routine. But ample screen time for Nicole makes this one worthwhile watching, as long as you contain your embarrassment over those dance moves.


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