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Like that fat kid in the playground...

Published by Warren Dell under on Thursday, September 14, 2006
...a lot of digs are being thrown at Wiley right now. I seem to have lost count of the amount of emcees who've gone at him now. Whether they have been around for a minute or are just new in the game it seems going at him is one of the credentials if you want to be a grime artist. Currently Ghetto, Scorcher, Mercston, Wretch 32 and Devline are acting the school bully, to add to Fire Camp and pretty much 80% of grime emcees in the past. It's a backhanded compliment to his standing in the scene and while he has thrown lines back at them all in a couple of tunes he's kept focused by working on Tunnel Vision Volumes 1-4. Notice how JME and Skepta have stayed out of it as they prepare more material. If more emcees showed this focus and stayed out of throwing time wasting pot shots the scene would be in a much better state right now.

I don't really see how going at Wiley will make a name for yourself when nine times out of ten he's going to come back and pick you off with little effort. Hip-Hop has always had its fair share of beef but artists already have albums out, or at least it's to gain publicity leading up to an album release. Going at each other on Lord of the Mics and such is healthy competition, but I for one am finding this going at Wiley act tiresome. They say there is no money in grime, but if they spend more time beefing then there's even less chance of making some pounds and alienating any avenues to get it from venues not wanting to touch holding a grime night.

Speaking of that boy named William, Tunnel Vision volume 1 is now out from UK Record Shop and to preview on his murdochspace. Logan Sama did a free mixtape for Major FM messageboard users which is a quick fire shot of the scene and in the final bit of retail news another batch of Boy Better Know t-shirts are now out again. A must look for the autumn.


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