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Grown man business live...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Living in Southampton you don’t get an abundance of Hip-Hop gigs. But around September when the last of the summer nights disappear and the students flock to the city, we get a couple of months where gigs happen and then little or nothing for the rest of the year. This looks like changing now though as the trendy Orange Rooms bar has overseen a refurb and an extension, which now enables them to put on an array of live nights.

One of the first was the launch party gig for Mr Thing and Yungun’s collaborative effort Grown Man Business. The album has gone down well with critics ands fans alike and plenty of the packed capacity were showing appreciation and rapping along with the material.

After Mr Thing dropped an array of Hip-Hop bangers Yungun came into his own and proved why he is one of your more favourite emcees. Tracks like Push and Dancing Shoes are guaranteed to put life into any party and had people throwing their best b-boy stance and Soccer am moves. The majority of tracks from Grown Man Business were giving an airing here with G.M.B (Just Like That) and the lead single, the summery soulful Forget Me Not were standouts for me.

Their was plenty of mutual appreciation from Yungun and Mr Thing after their long awaited appearances in Southampton, hopefully it won’t be too long until they are back in one form or another. With plenty of acts planned for Orange Rooms and Southampton the next few months, Hip-Hop heads down here are being spoilt for choice. In fact in a couple of weeks people we’ll be faced with the dilemma of whether they go see Sway at Nexus, or De La Soul at the Guildhall.


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