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Wiley - 2nd Phaze...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, July 11, 2006
It wouldn’t be too far fetched to call Wiley the ‘godfather’ of Grime such is his standing in the scene. His first album ‘Treddin On Thin Ice’ may have disappointed sales wise but this hasn’t stopped the anticipation from fans and labels alike for ‘Da 2nd Phaze’. Instead of taking the reputed offers from Big Dada and Mike Skinner’s label The Beats he’s gone ahead and released it on his own through the Boy Better Know start up and has seen it fly off the shelves in the underground music outlets. Whether it’s party flavours ‘Eskiboy’ & ‘I Like' to the pirate radio anthem ‘Gangsterz’ Wiley has all bases covered. It’s not all eski-dancing and gangster bravado though as the strain of 9-5, ‘Carry Out Orders’ and the uplifting plea to not be a follower, ‘Be Your Self’ shows diversity not usually associated with Grime artists, making this an essential release for the scene.


Brosnan (HF) said... @ 1:14 AM

watch out for his new mixtape 'TUNNEL VISION VOLUME 1' hopefully its out soon! lol LETS HOPE

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