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Don't play in front of the parents...

Published by Warren Dell under on Saturday, July 15, 2006
No wonder they say New York Hip-Hop is dead with these sounds coming out of the states always regarded as second best to the east and west coasts. This brand of Baltimore funk is ringing in a new era for Hip-Hop as Aaron LaCrate teams up with fellow Baltimore buddies Spank Rock and Amanda Blank (this girl has skills). Aaron is one of the first signings to the Milkcrate clothing labels new record imprint, and while this smells of something right up the hipsters street, it goes way beyond that. The artists here possess the skill that pay homage to the great lyrical flow of greats before them, but rips up the rulebook on how Hip-Hop should sound. Play this next to any Hip-Hop song on the radio now and you’ll realise just how lame the genre has become, but how refreshing these retro sounds combined with Game Boy beats are to the ear.


C Love "The Rap Addict" said... @ 4:44 PM

very interesting review..

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