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They done, done it again...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, July 03, 2006
You’ve got to hand it to MTV, when they’re not promoting G-Unit as superheroes to kids they make some pretty entertaining shows. The majority may miss the point of what MTV actually stands for, in fact when was the last time you turned it on an watched a music video? But they do come up with some TV gold and at the moment the one that is killing it for me is Sweet Sixteen.

The show revolves around some spoilt rotten teen planning the party of their life, while throwing tantrums and generally showing off about what their parent’s money has done for them.

MTV has done brilliantly in making programmes that choose, whether the subject a celebrity or not, people who will come across as vein, spoilt or as embarrassing as you like. We’ve had The Osbournes (the rich equivalent of some council estate family arguing) to the IQ of 10 (between them) of the Simpson sisters, Jessica and Ashley. Amongst that there have been the interesting (Making of the Band) and those that focus on the non-celebrities like The Real World, Date My Mom and Room Raiders.

But the subjects on those shows aren’t the only ones that make you cringe; these pubescent kids have more diva like tantrums than Mariah, are spoiled more than Rooney’s missus and have egos like Kanye.

Previous sweet sixteen’s have included a self-proclaimed party animal who got his dad to rent some girls to dance at his party, but then proceeded to be ill after drinking too much Red Bull and a girl whose brothers wanted to beat her date up. The same girl also had to put up with her mum from Thailand trying to steal the show, though if she is anything like the stereotype, then she’s used to being the centre of attention (ping-pong ten dollar and all that).

Sunday’s episode was probably the biggest exploits of a kid who uses in this case his dad’s wealth to get what he wants, and the lucky bastard gets it as well.

As son of record executive LA Reid, Aaron was always going to be in for a star studded bash and not only did he get the use of Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club, but had Diddy turn up, Kanye West perform and every teenagers favourite person in the record business Jermaine Dupri (shout to Kris Kross and Bow Wow) DJ for the night.

During the show he had a temper fit when some traffic blocked his entrance at the club, handed out invites with a personally recorded message on MP3 and is perhaps the youngest guy in Hip-Hop to have his own set of weed carriers. On getting dressed for the big night he had two guys assisting him with drying his hair and general grooming, while telling the others ‘I can’t do this without compliments guys’ when trying on outfits.

It’s not proven whether he used them to spike the punch bowl, standard procedure for any American sixteenth birthday party.

A great line in the show comes from the kids at the party on how this is the best night in their lives and their probably right when you see how crazy they get when they received their invites. The kids parents in these shows must be really popular with the other folks, but again this show is a great example that MTV may not be able to play your favourite Hip-Hop video, they will at least make you laugh.


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