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No one's lovin it...

Published by Warren Dell under on Thursday, July 06, 2006
While most of the notes I write concern this here music, I like to get my knowledge on as much as the next and have just finished reading the inciteful Fast Food Nation - What the All-American meal is doing to the world.

Now I'm sure you saw SuperSize Me and if what happened to Morgan Spurlock didn't put you off eating McDonalds, reading Fast Food Nation will put you off any kind off fast food.

The book covers more than just 'eating all this junk food will make you fat' but looks at the overall impact the fast food meal has on the rest of America, and how it's starting to spread out to Europe too. Any town or city high street looks the same wherever you are due to the influx of fast food chains and someone in Japan is eating the exact same burger from the exact same menu as someone in Germany.

The author looks at the working conditions of employees for the slaughterhouses that provide beef to the big players to how these people are exploited. There was a case where a man who have both arms severed from a machine was made to sign the companies waiver of liability form with a pen in his mouth whie waiting in the emergancy room.

Obviously McDonalds doesn't come off very well in the book as they were the first to really capatilise and push the minimal skills approach to serving food but the author doesn't so much stick the boot in but rather reveals the wrong doing that's going on in order to make your own judgement.

The proof is there but some people just can't resist to succumbing to one of those burgers as they can't resist the taste. I myself haven't been able to eat from fast food places for a while but can't deny that when I walk by one the smell is nice and throughout reading the book I was hungry for one.

But you may be surprised when you read that on visiting a factory that the smell of fresh fries and straight off the grill burgers were from a chemical formula made by scientists and sprinkled on some paper, rather than the real thing in front of him.

When I was a kid I used to look forward to being treated to a McDonalds as it was always deemed such a happy place with many of the processes used to promote the brand to children the same as that of Disney, in fact the founder of the McDonalds Corporation, Ray Kroc and Walt Disney were both from the same area.

While everyone knows that too much junk food is going to be bad for you, a trip to McDonalds every now and then isn't exactly going to kill you, but on reading this it will make you think twice upon visiting those golden arches and other such establishments.


Matt Payne said... @ 1:20 PM
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Matt Payne said... @ 1:22 PM

I still love a Subway, but the "Slow Food" movement is becoming pretty big now

I recommend a music festival falafel - lovely stuff.

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