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Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, July 03, 2006
Not wanting to start a debate or any arguments but Brighton probably has the biggest scene outside of London and their commitment to the cause is very professional. There aren’t many places that have their own dedicated Hip-Hop nights but the guys in ‘London by the sea’ are spoilt for choice. Those that know will already have heard about the month long celebrations that take play and this year is no different. As I write Rodney P & Skitz are going to be doing their show live in Brighton and heading up the activities of the month comes in the shape of the live day on Brighton seafront on the 15th July. Over 5,000 people watched the 150 plus performers and the link has all the details you need. The event is free and if this heat wave keeps up then we should be in for a good time. I believe there will be a CD in this months Hip-Hop Connection showcasing the event. A bit like the one given away with Touch last year (strange I know, that’s like Blues and Soul giving away a chopped a screwed mixtape).


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