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Very fashionable...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, July 17, 2006
The Boy Better Know t-shirts have been selling like hot cakes whenever they've had stock in Uptown Records, all they are is a basic t-shirt with the now imfamous saying from the camp. T-shirts of famous Rock'n'Roll bands have always been a fashion item for the indie crowd and are easily available in the high street at H&M and Topman. In urban music it's not so big as that, people don't feel as cool if they are wearing a Jay-Z or 50 Cent t-shirt (unless your 12) but there are some t-shirts that over the last few years have had people chasing up all sorts of avenues to get one. It's The Shiznit takes a look...

Billionaire Boys Club

Pharrell's clothing label and now seen on any number of people from Jay-Z to Jermaine Dupri to El Hadji Douff. Yes he of spitter fame, I was walking down to the newly opend Bape store in Soho when they actually closed the shop so he could have a nose around. Terrible. The labels clothing is made in small qauntities to combat counterfit goods but this hasn't stopped the amount of t-shirts selling on ebay even now, three years after Skateboard P wore one in the Frontin video.

Pimp Accordingly

The other t-shirt from the Frontin video was harder to track down and amounted in a lot of ebay fakes but the original was from a place called in and would set you back about. Not everyone could pull this bright yellow Playboy logo and pimp accordingly in writing off, more one of those t-shirts that looked better on someone in The Tunnel nightclub rather than some chav in Yates.

I got it for Cheap

The name of the Clipse mixtape in 2004 and could be seen on Pusha T in the Drop it Like It's Hot video. No more than a black t-shirt with white letters on saying I got It For Cheap, but was more suited for the hustlers and coke pushers out there rather than your saturday night out clubbing wear. Earlier than that the Virginia hustlers were at it with the 'Patty Cake Man' and 'I'm Your Pusha' t-shirts.

The Snowman

The T-shirt they tried to ban and a catalyst for some great free PR for Young Jeezy's marketing campaign. It took a while for the majority to know what it meant, but when they did there were calls for the sign of cocaine dealing to be banned. The snowman logo is good though, the Hip-Hop version of those illuminous smiley faces you see associated to the rave scene.

Free (insert convict here)

Considering the culture of Hip-Hop and it's birth from the more poorer areas of America, it's no surprse to read about the latest rapper that goes down for an iron vacation. Regardless of whether he was wrongly put down or not a rapper spending time behind bars isn't without his crew/weed carriers wearing a Free... t-shirt. The biggest showing of support was when Eminem wore a Free Yayo shirt for Fiddy's weed carrier at the MTV awards. Many in the audience didn't have a clue who he was then but they certainly did after and it helped push his debut single and album to gold. With all these free... t-shirts going around it's about time there was a change, and the excellent Straight Bangin blog are going the right way about it, by offering up a Reincarcerate Yayo t-shirt.


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