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Professor Green...The Lecture...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, April 25, 2006
By now you all know about his Jumpoff and Mixpower summit antics, well now The Beats latest signing has dropped his 14-track mixtape. Like many before him battle rappers have never quite materialised into making an album of note. The ability to fire off the dome punch lines suddenly won’t cut it for a full album and the need for creating songs eludes them (Supernatural anyone?). On The Lecture it seems being under the tutelage of Mike Skinner has helped add a story telling element to Pro’s witty flow. The video on rotation Stereotypical Man combines these elements over a funky Skinner beat and a sing along chorus from Leo. Various freestyle snippets from performing with Skinnyman and being on Semtex combined with his own versions of familiar tracks like Can I Have It Like That, Stay Fly and So Sick are the tapes strongest moments. While some of the songs lack the production and prowess of others, no doubt being around Mike Skinner will help bring out the artist in Green while still keeping the battle flow and punch lines in tack.


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