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Beastie Boys take to the big screen...

Published by Warren Dell under on Friday, April 07, 2006
The Beastie Boys are hitting the big screen and taking the boring medium of concert footage to a new level. The film Awesome depicts their October 2004 concert at Madison Square Garden through the eyes of 50 fans who were handed old hi-fi 8ms. With the brief to keeping the cameras rolling at all times the fans could do whatever they wanted. At the press conference Mike D remarked how surprised he was that there were only 4 toilet breaks during the filming. The film came about after MCA saw the amount of people who were posting their own guerrilla footage of shows on their message boards and it all came together just a few days before the show. The film starts off with the 50 fans who had signed up on their website receiving the cameras and handing over their driving licenses. It would have been cool though if the cameras were sent out earlier so we could see footage of peoples preparations for the gig to give a more closer connection to the fans experience of the night. The film took a year to edit at their Manhattan studio complex and will be in UK cinemas this summer. Normally concert footage is pretty lame and doesn’t replicate the feeling of being there but this should be an interesting watch.


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