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I'm...I'm doing it again, they tried to stop me but I'm doing it again...

Published by Warren Dell under on Thursday, April 27, 2006
Skepta's really putting the work in right now with his latest ditty bringing grime and four to the floor together. Going down a storm at Sidewinder, Straight Outta Bethnal and your local dance this monster waiting to blow is now in remix form with Wiley, JME et al joining MC Creed on the chorus. A video was due to be shot at the next Straight Outta Bethnal but for the disruption at the last event it's been put on hold until a new venue is found. Go onto his myspace to listen to Duppy, Deeper and Stupid for evidence. Skepta has one of the best flows in the game the way he twists his wordplay with many memorable bars thrown out on radio and at raves. He's not just a hype mc this man's got lyrics to back up and can easily go over a grime, garage or hip-hop beat. He'll tell you 'I am not doing a mixtape...I'm making an album' either way it's heading this summer and is as much anticipated here as Wileys 2nd Phaze.


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