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LL Cool J - Career Over?...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, April 12, 2006
This week sees the release of LL Cool J's 12th album for Def Jam, but does anyone really care anymore?

There's no questioning the guys place in hip-hop history or his talent. The guy is practically Mr Def Jam but it seems LL is being pushed down the river with no paddle towards retirement with his latest offering. We know the ladies love him and he's the master of the Rap love song, but do we really need a whole album of that stuff. Whether this is by his own choice or he's being forced by the r'n'b smitten Jay-Z to do this it's about time his mama had a word and told him to drop that knock out punch again. The r'n'b tracks he's coming out with aren't even near as good as a Doin It or a Loungin. Or as good as the ones Bow Wow's releasing these days. Christ. The one good thing to come out of Control Myself is the video where Jennifer Lopez seems to be uppin her game now Jessica Alba has stolen her crown. But I'll save comparing their tender derriere for another day as a mans hip-hop legacy is at stake here. If he feels that because of his age he has no relevance to the younger g-unit hip-hop buyer and feels the need to play it safe with the radio friendly hits then someone at Def Jam is doing him a disservice. As he's proved in his battles with Kool Moe Dee and Canibus the man can deliver, so why not come with the cocky and take on the likes of 50, if he wanted it enough he could lyrically kill most of these people running around claiming to be the King of New York. His career may not be dead yet, but this seems a Diddy like move with the amount of collaborators. Change the album name to LL Cool J: The Duets. I hope this album doesn't signify a loss of appetite for Mr Smith. You certainly won't catch me putting it on, instead I'll be playing Rock The Bells and longing for another Mama Said Knock You Out. Please LL, take note.


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