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Wiley on Westwood...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, May 08, 2006
In promotion for the 2nd Phaze album Wiley dropped by Tim 'yes I'm older than your Dad' Westwood accompanied by Skepta and JME the friday before last. The half hour slot is available on Wiley's Murdochspace for your downloading pleasure. Check out the dis by Wiley to Timothy for his slackness on grime. Now it's good to see (or rather hear) him playing grime on his show but why hasn't he been playing more UK music the last few years anyway? Not that I'd have thought a lot of Hip-Hop heads genuinely listen to his show. Here's a thought though, do the US artists take him seriously when he's shouting holla and asking Dan to drop bombs? Who is Dan and does Timothy ask his Mum to kiss the king? The people more likely to listen to his show anyway are those whose claim of their love for Hip-Hop is evident by their purchase of one of his many compilations released. Those CD's are Def Jam UK's biggest sellers, (although that in itself isn't very hard, remember Aaron Soul anyone?) brought by the people who think Akon is good and frequent Yates and other such fun pubs on a friday. Ten stella's and a kicking while the same 10 Hip-Hop tracks provide the backdrop. You go big dog!!


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