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Duplate Drama Series 2...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, May 22, 2006
Fresh from the inbox...

Dubplate Drama is proud to announce that the second series of the smash hit show is now in development. We’d like to thank everyone who’s supported us so far ­ please keep it coming. As you’d expect, series 2 is gonna be bigger and better, tackling an even wider range of issues. But we need YOUR help. As series one showed ­ life’s complicated out there. There are choices, decisions and dilemmas everywhere you turn. But here's where your choices can make a difference.We need YOU to help with our storylines. We’ve teamed up with the UK’s biggest information web site ­ ­ to bring together young people from across the UK to discuss and shape our storylines. It’s another world first ­ taking interactivity to the next level. To get involved NOW, just follow this link: And watch out for more news about series 2, coming real soon!

Dubplate Drama


Anonymous said... @ 5:08 PM

Check out Series 2 of the highly acclaimed Dubplate Drama series - It tackles the tough situations U.K youth Dionne and her associates face in todays London - Whether you can totally relate or not, it will leave you thinking about decisions you make in your own life , Plus, you get to determine what happens next in the storyline!-- You should check it out:

Here's the official forum at:

(P.S Check out RWd Magazine too, its pretty cool)

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