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A tad over hyped...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gnarls Barkley - St.Elsewhere

Thanks to that idiot Zane Lowe and his Radio 1 adverts every five minutes Crazy got more than its fair share of exposure and is still number one for like the 8th week or something. Now it’s a good song but this is exactly what happens when some alternative DJ gets behind a black music track and claims it to be some new wave, amazing orgasm on record.

Cee-Lo’s been doing his thing for a while now and you’re either a lover or hater of his nasal flow. Dangermouse is another who has been around for a while but has been getting on radar more the last few years. The two are quite eccentric characters and have been posing as various super/comic book heroes in their photo shoots and it’s reflected in the album.

Highlights of the album are: the next single Smiley faces, Feng Shui and Transformer. The rest isn’t as groundbreaking as the broadsheets and indie magazines would like to tell you, but it’s a pretty decent album.

In America the music critics at Pitchfork were going gaga over Crazy last Autumn (or Fall for you yanks reading) when the track was leaked, but overall they haven’t fallen for the hype as much as over here. I guess the guys owe Zane Lowe one. Without the advert I don’t think the single and album would have done as well as it has done.
I wonder what the rest of Goodie Mob think now Cee-Lo is lapping it up on Top Of The Pops?


Anonymous said... @ 5:41 AM

its denise from phuturehype!! dont know if you remember me...glad things are going well with you.hope u are able to come to the premier of the first phuturehype vid when its made. please email me so i know you got this Also when i got home today from the 9-5 (yep still haveing to do that) i will put a link from my site to yours. hope you will do the same

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