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Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Mediawhore – adjective (pl. mediawhores or whores)
A subject with no dignity or shame that will stop at nothing to gain the attention of the public. Can normally be seen staggering out of clubs, sleeping or arguing with other media whores and if need be toss off a pig. May have some reality TV experience.

No.1 Jade Goody

It really is something in this world where you can become a millionaire just by being watched by other people do what you normally do on a day-to-day basis. Even if that means acting like an idiot. People who act hard to earn a decent living must despise the fact that these days as long as you’re prepared to put yourself out to the public you can make a nice earner. This is what Big Brother does to you. It’s been four years since Jade Goody didn’t even win Big Brother and somehow she has managed to keep herself in the limelight and make a wage from this Heat Generation. What exactly has does she do? At least that Lawler dollsnatch went out with a footballer for a bit which at least gives magazines and papers something to put next to her name. I’m sure Goody even had a fly on the wall show on five or something. That makes as much sense as filming a local housewife doing her daily errands; they both have no interest to the viewing public. Mediawhores will stop at nothing to share column inches with you over your breakfast, even if this means running the London marathon with little training in advance.


Matt Payne said... @ 8:22 AM

I love Jade Goody, she's especially attactive in this photo...

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