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When the crowd say bo, selecta...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, December 04, 2006

Back in those glorious summer days of 2000 I left school and the sound of UK garage was making a dent in the charts. We all know what happened as just a year on the whole So Solid saga put off labels from going anywhere near any style of garage. Until the darker sounds started to come through under the grime term I had been slacking on any danceable garage apart from being in some sh*it nightclub that would play a token Artful Dodger track. Now 2006 hasn't exactly been a vintage year for grime and dubstep keeps pushing on which I like, but I've started to listen to a lot of EZ on Kiss of late. I was half being ignorant and expecting a show filled with what you could term girly garage (remember Ladies First?) and being stuck in 2000-01. Full credit has to go to the artists and producers for still believing in the genre and not letting the aftermath of the Top 40 era stop them from putting out quality material. Could 2007 be a year that the more danceable garage comes back into prominence? Especially with the ever increasing popularity from urban music folk for Funky House. Some big tunes on the scene for me at the moment are the One Dark Martian remix of Crazy and MJ Cole's Firin Up. Mr Cole himself recently dropped into Lizard Lounge in my area for a delightful two hour set of four to the floor pressure and other goodness. When he dropped his biggest hits Crazy Love and Sincere it got me thinking (well the next day, not when I was throwing gunfinger) about some of those classic tracks from those glorious summer days..

It's The Shiznit's garage classics

Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers
Artful Dodger feat. Craig David - What You Gona Do
Sia - Little Man (Exeman remix)
Gerideu & Robbie Craig - Who's The Better Man
Dream Team – Buddy X
Lonyo – Summer Of Love
Danny J Lewis – Spend the Night
Roy Davis Junior - Gabriel
Wookie - Back Up, Back Up
DJ Dee Kline – I Don’t Smoke
Amar – Sometimes it snows in April
Amira – My Desire
With A Little Bit Of Luck - DJ Luck & MC Neat
Imagine - Shola Ama
Tell Me It's Real - K-Ci & Jojo
B-15 Project – Girls Like Us


tox said... @ 10:21 PM

there's a massive 2step resurgance going on on my hd at the moment. that 9 minute extended mix of sfa's flowers is gettin haaammmmmmmered.

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