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Jamiroquai - High Times Singles 1992-2006...

Published by Warren Dell under on Thursday, November 23, 2006

Whether it’s recording artist’s laziness or the label seeing pound signs in their eyes, the greatest hits package is all the rage this time of year. Thankfully there isn’t too many times where this sort of precedent happens with black music, but this particular set will go down well with the soul fraternity and those that like their music with a funky edge. Jay Kay may be more known now for punching photographers but beneath that tabloid persona is a blue eyed soul boy of epic proportions. On the High Times Singles 1992-2006 you get 17 classics and two new tracks that take in all the hits Jamiroquai have had, some you forget they even had. New material from recent years like Little L and Feels Just Like It Should still sound fresh, but it’s the older material like Canned Heat, Cosmic Girl and Alright that still do the job. And Virtual Insanity only makes you wish you could dance as well as Jay in that video.


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