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Man of the year (Like the GQ award but more street)...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, December 11, 2006


In a year where the music genre floundered, JME gave grime hope and someone to look up to with how he went about his business. From releasing four mixtapes to setting up his Boy Better Know label, entertaining via his blogs to selling t-shirts while all still getting his education on – 2006 is deservedly JME’s year. Although 2006 saw Sway release his first album a lot of his buzz was built up the previous year, JME may have taken inspiration from Little Derek but he has made the year his own and put other mc’s more focused on beef to shame. Proof to anyone looking at the genre from the outside that grime doesn’t have to just be aggressive.


Anonymous said... @ 3:41 AM

Best choice for the award :D

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