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Ty - Closer...

Published by Warren Dell under on Thursday, November 23, 2006

If the mainstream media have their way then UK Hip-Hop will forever be stuck in its little pigeon hole. Thankfully artists like Ty push the boundaries and has gained love all around the world, without the much deserved support from stations like Radio 1. Being restricted to specialist outlets is something that doesn’t sit well with the man in a world where artists with bigger budgets behind a gangster promoting message are mainstays of daytime radio. Check any number of interviews he’s done of late and you’ll hear a man who is clearly frustrated with the circumstance, but thankfully it hasn’t stopped his creativity. For the first time Ty has a wealthy support cast of people down for the cause from De La Soul on Idea and the title track (the latter features just Maseo, albeit quietly) to Speech from Arrested Development on This Here Music. At first listening the album doesn’t suck you in like the Mercury Prize nominated 'Upwards' did, but it feels like he never went away after a few spins of the funky Sophisticated & Course and the bounce of Don’t Watch That. With his comments on the state of UK black music he may only be repeating what people have felt for years, but with albums of this quality one day some radio bigwig will listen and take note. People like Ty certainly deserve them to.


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