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Fiddy Vs Kanye...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Next week sees the two undoubtedly biggest Hip-Hop artists of present day go head to head when their albums are both released on the same day. But while the artists, both cocky in front of any microphone and camera, may be a little worried at what they risk to lose when the record stores open on Monday.

Fiddy has been boasting that if he doesn’t outsell Kanye in first week sales then he will leave the rap game and looking at it, would he really be that missed. When his second album came out despite relying on a week rap about sex first single the buzz was still there.

Third time round and he doesn’t seem to be straying too far away from this formula. But it seems the listening public aren’t greatly enthused, as numerous singles have been floating around to promote the album with the latest finding him playing the third wheel to Justin Timberlake and Timberland on what was surely leftovers from the Future Sex/Love Sounds album.

Kanye on the other hand has seen his cockiness annoy and made many overlook his obvious talents because of this. But sonically Graduation will see him embarking on a new sound as the Daft Punk sampling first single showed. Ironically it was his cringe worthy drunken stance against fellow French Dance act Justice for winning the MTV Europe Best Video award, that had him directed towards the electro sounds by someone close to him.

While Late Registration wasn’t as strong lyrically as The College Dropout, his lyrics may now come under closer scrutiny with his boasts of how great a rapper he is, now he is going as far to say anyone not putting him in their top 3 greatest rappers of all time are losing credibility.

When both albums drop, no matter how good the albums are they will ultimately be overlooked in favour of comparing their sales and in the current climate of records being bought it may not match the highs they’ve been used to. My money is on Kanye to come up with a better album and personally wouldn’t see it as a bad thing he outsold Fiddy, if only to see if he keeps his promise.


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