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Maths & English + Playtime Is Over early thoughts...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, June 11, 2007

Commercially Dizzee is going to take this one, but I think we would all be happy if half the people buying Maths & English picked up a copy of Playtime Is Over.
Because of the more commercial sounding tracks, big name guests and well known samples Dizzee will be labelled a sell-out, not in touch with the grime etc. from some quarters.

Despite this, the album doesn't sound as bad as people have made out who are well into their grime. After two albums and exposure around the world, can a person be begrudged for switching up their styles?

Wiley made the cohesive sounding, full on grime effort we knew he could do without any label interference. But after finally getting with a label who understands artists that offer that something a little different and understanding what a difference it makes if you put in the promotional effort, has he relinquished any chances of doing what Dizzee has done now, in a few albums time?

I’m not going to choose one over the other, but I will say these are two excellent albums from two excellent artists in music, not just in grime.


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