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That legal crack...

Published by Warren Dell under on Friday, June 15, 2007

For years Red Bull has owned the energy drink market despite the fact that it tastes like the horrible medicine you used to have as kid and the taste is left in your mouth for hours afterwards. While cheapskate bar owners stocked poor imitations of the drink it's taken until now for Red Bull to be challenged in this market.

Relentless is Coca-Cola's take on the energy drink but instead of some slimline can they go the whole hog and pack a whole pint of caffeine tasting goodness for you to consume. Not only that but it tastes nicer and is better value for money than red Bull, with some supermarkets selling it for as low as 89p!!

For those that haven't tried it, you get a bigger buzz than Red Bull and it makes you think that it has to be illegal to serve that much caffeine in a can. This drink can only be described as legal crack. Before long you are wondering where your next Relentless kick will come from. The fact that it's only sold in a few places at the moment as well adds to the addiction. I heard someone say recently that they hadn't seen any in three supermarkets, perhaps there is a dry spell. These conversations don't happen for energy drinks, only drugs!!

What I've noticed though over the course of consuming plenty of the stuff, is that some cans seem to have more of a kick than others. I think at the factory where they are made the standards are very poor for qaulity control and so sometimes you get a can with extra caffeine than the standard amount. It's like a game of Relentless roulette with the uncertainty of what sort of kick you're going to get.

It seems to have become an underground, cooler thing to drink and is already being co-singed by the likes of JME and Example. The latter mentioned the drink in his blog and was sent crate loads by their PR company. Don't be fooled by the terrible, unreadable design, Relentless is not to be taken lightly!


Anonymous said... @ 11:18 AM

Almost enough for a tower!

Anonymous said... @ 6:40 AM

"legal crack"? are you fucking kidding me, you offensive piece of shit?

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