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Wiley retires...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, January 22, 2007

So the godfather bows out. For those that haven’t heard the news Wiley today spoke to RWD magazine to announce his retirement from the grime scene. While not a full retirement as such, he will continue to produce, it looks as though Playtime Is Over will be the last time we hear the Eskiboy in a while. Here is the link for the interview excerpt, which will be featured in full in the new RWD issue. Just as the final Tunnel Vision dropped today as well.

Immediately I thought this was some marketing ploy a la Jay-Z, but it looks as though outside interferences that have nothing to do with music have played his hand. Not a month goes by when a message board forum is speculating Wiley getting rushed, now finally it’s gotten to him and he feels he can no longer continue. If that’s the case then it’s a big blow for a music scene that will never grow if road politics dictate. The guy has pretty much carried the scene on his back without achieving anywhere near the success of Dizzee or even Kano, and however the scene develops, if at all – he’ll be remembered for his part. It’s true there is some young talents coming through as he goes on to mention in RWD, but a grime scene with no Wiley bars? Hard to believe. I hope and am sure Playtime Is Over will be a great send off, but after all the strive and hustle, has he bowed out at a time when on Big Dada he could have got that Dizzee success?

I finally got my copy of Rules & Regulations today, early thoughts are that it has matched what Prancehall and Rap News have said, it’s a gem of a mixtape/album. Full review to follow.


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