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Free Talib Kweli Download...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, January 08, 2007

One man who has embraced the whole myspace and mixtape outlet ahead of his new album is Talib Kweli. Since he dropped the below par by his standards Beautiful Struggle in 2004 he has been hard at work with his craft dropping the Right About Now and Kweli Confidential mixtapes. If you ever wondered like I have what his new years resolution is then you can check out his video on his myspace and he's even put himself in that Second Life online world - surely taking the promotion of a new album to the extreme. Back to more standard ways of promotion you can for a limited time only download a nine track ep he has worked on with Madlib. Entitled Liberation the CD gives you a bit of a preview to what the album Eardrum may pan out like, the rhymes are as thoughtful as ever while Madlib keeps churning out another batch of twisted soul beats. We thought 2004 would be the year he broke through on a commercial level but like Common later found out - having Kanye West on the boards doesn't guarantee sales. (Although Be was and still is a classic). Eardrum is tentatively due 12th February and will be an interesting listen.

Download link on his myspace page


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