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Music TV is boring...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, October 11, 2006
It's said that people spend more time on the internet now than they do watching television. People would now rather log on to You Tube to check out the latest funny videos, mc battles and video promos. In the past people would have to rely on MTV to bring them their favourite artists latest promo but now they can just search for it and watch it as many times as they want. In fact now you don't even need to rely on MTV to get your fix. Especially as they only play like half an hour of music these days. Or Channel U for that matter. Have you tried to watch that stuff for 30 minutes? I just can't anymore, and the people at MTV Base are surprised they are losing viewers?

When I first got digital way back when I was in school uniform I loved just leaving it on and watching videos which you would never get on regular MTV. Unless your r'n'b persuasion was Another Level you would rarely see much r'n'b or hip-hop on the station. This was in at the turn of the millenium when the music wasn't so in the mainstream but now that it is the station seems content on playing the same ten videos every hour. Holidaying in America a few years back it was was the same situation out there on radio. If you made that ten you were guaranteed a hit only on account of people having the song drilled into them. Every hour seems to be the same so people started turning their attentions to Channel U. They may have then started playing some homegrown videos after this but unless you count their minority hour of underground music once a week late at night, the channel is getting worse.

Speaking of getting worse, Channel U has been slipping of late. It was a great alternative to the more mainstream videos Base were playing, even if you did have a few laughably poor 'guys from the ends and a dv camera' videos that seemed to be on all the time. It turned your attention away from MTV Base and were generally appreciative that UK acts and a lot of the less mainstream material was being shown. But now you would have to sit through too much weakness before you got any sort of quality. Who handles the quality control here? When you look at the grime and uk hip-hop scene you just don't with a few exceptions see any videos from the top players. Yungun had a video for the 'Forget Me Not' track and Akal for 'Shakespear' but these hardly saw light. I know one argument is that there aren't enough videos being made from the top players in the first place. Where are the videos from JME, Wiley and Kyza to name a few? Instead we have videos from waste mc's that surely get played because there is hardly a lot to fill the time. No wonder people are reaching You Tube as their video channel of choice.


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