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Bits and Pieces...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, October 10, 2006
There's been so much going on since I last posted thanks to the dreaded man flu. Jay-Z was spitting on the Forward riddim while Dizzee is making Funky House. Just waiting on Wiley and The Arctic Monkeys any day now surely?

A new Hip-Hop magazine is going to be hitting the shelves soon, made up of fired staff members from The Source and Vibe.

Hip-Hop Weekly will be an enetertainment and celebrity lifestyle publication originally with input from ex Vibe editor Mimi Valdes and disgraced former Source owners Ray Benzino and Dave Mays. Now it appears Mimi has already jumped ship before the launch issue. Maybe she was sipping on too much Hypnotiq or whatever the fashionable Hip-Hop drink of choice is these days when she agreed to jump into bed with Interscopes enemies.

Whether a weekly Hip-Hop magazine will be able to stay fresh with content or whether they'll be recycling material in no time is a big question. There's no doubt the people behind it have experience but in recent times it's been experience of starting vendettas with people, how long until that starts again?

You may have already seen it on other sites but these guys take fancy dress to a whole new level.

This is how I often get to work, makes the commute interesting.

Akira The Don's latest mixtape sees him go over classic 90's Britpop.

JME is releasing editions 3 & 4 of his Boy Better Know series as a double pack.

LA based beat diggers People Under The Stairs dropped into Southampton last week in support of their latest acclaimed long player, Stepfather. Fellow Californians Giant Panda opend up the show with cuts from their warmly received debut Fly School Reunion. Although unknown to most in the crowd there were a few heads in attendence who knew them from their PUTS connection and were enjoying their 30 minute set. Those that didn't know were soon joining in with the spirit of Superfly and Diggin and were snapping up the album afterwards appreciate more of their uptempo and soulful LA sounds.

With just enough time to grab another brew Double K and Thes One popped up to join the party. Although by looking at Double K he looked like he'd just woken up, it didn't affect him though as the two reeled off new hits Pass The 40 and Tuxedo Rap alongside old favourites Jappy Jap and the last song of the night Hang Loose.

For £9 this was a bargain to hear more than an hours worth of intricate rhymes, laid back humour and a treasure chests worth of soulful samples and b-boy beats.

Sadly no pictures available for posting as one had a little too much to drink and the pictures were absolute waste.


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