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Three 6 Mafia stay fly at the Oscars...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, March 06, 2006

Memphis legends Three 6 Mafia recent commercial success over the past year was topped last night with winning an Oscar for Acheivement in music written for motion pictures (original song). The winning song was Its Hard Out Here For A Pimp from the film Hustle & Flow - a film about a DJ who is a small time pimp and drug dealer with dreams of making it in the Hip-Hop world. The guys were ecstatic when accepting their award, something which The Daily Sow star and host for the evening Jon Stewart said was how it should feel like to win an Oscar. The success follows another Hip-Hop song winning an Oscar in recent years when Eminem won for Lose Yourself in 2003 from his auto-biographical 8 Mile.


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